At home, Katie admires her new necklace. Bill walks over to pour a drink but his single malt scotch is missing. Katie sweetly tells him it's taking a vacation. Bill is angry - he only promised to be a better husband and father. Katie tells him jewelry alone isn't going to cut it. He complains about dumping his collection of spirits. She says she stored it, and complains about his tyrannical behavior. He says a drink relaxes him and lowers his inhibitions. She tells him he should cling to the few he has for dear life. The bickering continues. She feels when he has a drink it takes him away from his family.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric notices Pam made the two martinis. He thinks it's time for her to go. She promises not to make the martinis again. Eric says he has to stop doing that anyway. He tells Pam he can't accept her kindnesses anymore. Pam protests when he calls their relationship 'fictitious'; they're the leftover halves of someone who's not there anymore. Pam wants to take care of him. Eric becomes emotional - he came to believe Stephanie would never leave him. "My eyes don't know how not to look for her." Pam tells him about the bluebird on Christmas Eve. Eric wants his miracle too - he wants his girl back. They both cry - she's gone and she's not coming back. "She's dead!" Pam holds Eric while he sobs.

In Malibu, Liam questions if Brooke's putting everything on him. She says he's the man in the middle. Liam informs her she doesn't know him - he doesn't feel confused of have trouble making decisions. Brooke argues that he's hurt her daughter over and over and seems poised to do it again. Brooke says Steffy's always been there - even before the manipulations. She says he can love both of them, but not be with both of them. Liam describes how it is with Steffy. Brooke thinks it sounds like love. Liam tells her he loves knowing Hope's even in the room, but he can't promise he won't hurt her. He steps away and Brooke gets a call - Bill needs to see her.

Brooke meets Bill at her cabin. They discuss the drinking issue. She says he may not have a drinking problem, but there may be a problem when he drinks. Bill scoffs, "Semantics." He wants Brooke to talk to Katie - she's the only person who seems to believe he's not a monster. Bill spots her scotch and downs a glass. After, he claims he didn't even want it - Katie's made him drink to prove himself. He admits to Brooke that he doesn't think it's the drinking Katie objects to; it's who he is. Brooke says she'll talk to her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

There's a press conference to introduce the new Forrester Creations president.

Brooke sets Katie and Bill up for a romantic getaway.

Steffy wonders what the future holds with Liam.

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