In Steffy's office, Taylor reflects on Steffy being pregnant. She phones Steffy, who doesn't want to discuss it. Taylor finally promises to keep it quiet. Steffy hangs up. Taylor murmurs, "My first grandchild...Liam should know, and Hope definitely should."

Hope's at Forrester telling Rick she'll get beyond the damage he did to her life. Brooke appears and hugs Rick. He goes to see Eric. Brooke asks Hope if she's still upset with Rick. Hope shrugs that it will take time - she's focusing on getting back with Liam. Brooke reminds her Liam's living with Steffy. Hope smirks that there are a few details to be worked out, but she and Liam want to be together - that's all that matters. Brooke cautions that she's been hurt by Liam more than once. Hope argues that she was hurt by Bill and Rick. She says Liam's only with Steffy because she rejected him. Brooke warns that Liam and Steffy could have made significant commitments. Hope says nothing can keep them apart. Later, Hope moons over photos of her and Liam.

Liam thinks back to the scene with Hope at home. Katie and Bill arrive to check in. Liam assures Bill they're good. Bill's glad to see him wearing his necklace. Katie is astounded to hear that Bill stabbed himself with it. She assumes Bill's ready to accept Hope in Liam's life. Bill says Liam is living with Steffy - Hope's not in the equation. He worries about Hope sniffing around while Steffy's in Paris. Liam says he can handle his life.

Pam offers Eric lunch at home. He chuckles about not wanting to be a rotund old fogey. Rick arrives. He thanks Eric again and they embrace. Rick thanks Pam for looking after his father. She steps out. Eric says Pam keeps him from loneliness. Rick vows to prove himself at Forrester and they talk about Stephanie. Eric says he makes two martinis and talks to her every night. She tells him, "No more tears. Get on with your life."

At home, Bill and Katie play with Will. Bill gifts Katie with a gorgeous necklace. She wonders if it's because he did something silly - like stabbing himself. Bill says sometimes extreme measures are called for - she didn't marry him because he's a wallflower.

In Malibu, Liam gets a call from Taylor, who hangs up. Brooke appears, wondering if she can be happy for Hope. Liam's concerned about loyalty and integrity to Steffy. Brooke says Liam's going to have to make a decision. She says Hope believes they're meant to be together - she's not so sure - but Liam has to decide.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill learns Katie went behind his back to end his drinking.

Pam offers support to Eric.

Brooke doesn't seem sure about her stance on Hope and Liam.

Liam loves both Hope and Steffy.

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