Steffy watches Liam make-out with Hope through the window and flashes to discovering she's pregnant. She recalls Liam saying he's loyal to her and tears up. After Steffy leaves, Liam stops and tells Hope it isn't right. She says they should be together. He says they're not, and this isn't fair to Steffy. Hope goes over all the reasons they've been cheated and should be together now. "Nothing can stand in our way." She says they were victims and she wants to make it right. His head is spinning. He tells her he won't do the same damage to Steffy - to show her the respect she deserves. Hope says they deserve to be together. He doesn't want anyone to be hurt.

Caroline joins everyone at Forrester Creations. Rick tells her she's just in time. Eric says both teams did very well and made this a difficult decision. Eric wants them to remember they're all on the same team - they have to trust and depend on each other. Eric addresses Thomas, and then Rick and Caroline. He names Thomas co-head designer and selects Rick as president. Thomas argues. Eric tells Thomas he wants to design with him as he did with Ridge. Thomas isn't satisfied with being co-head designer. Rick receives his congratulations from everyone. Rick tells Eric he doesn't know what to say. Eric says his presentation said it all - he couldn't be more proud. Rick settles into his chair. Caroline joins him and talks about this being his legacy. Rick says he'll have to prove himself every day. They discuss doing 'overtime' behind the desk and make-out.

Steffy drives in her car thinking about everything. She almost has an accident.

Taylor looks for Steffy in her office. Thomas appears and fills her in on Rick being chosen as president. He says he should be used to Brooke's family coming out on top by now. He leaves and Taylor spots Steffy's pregnancy test box. Steffy appears and Taylor asks if she's alright. Steffy says she has to get to the airport. Taylor asks for the truth about the pregnancy test. Steffy tells her, "You saw nothing." She tells her no one can know. Taylor is mystified and concerned. Steffy leaves. Taylor worries. "A baby."

On the airplane, Steffy flashes to her conversation with Taylor and cries. A guy sits down and asks if she's okay. She tells him to leave her alone.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke doesn't think Hope should get her hopes up where Liam's concerned.

Taylor thinks about telling Steffy's secret.

Eric confides to Rick about missing Stephanie.

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