In her office, Steffy lets it sink in that she's pregnant. "A baby! Liam. A baby..." Steffy rehearses how she'll tells Liam briefly and then leaves the office.

At Liam's place, Hope tells him she can still have her values and her message, but live life without being such a drag. She wants another chance. Hope says if Rick and Bill hadn't deceived them, they'd be in bed together right now. She knows he cares about Steffy, but she's gone. Liam tells her he's living with Steffy. Hope says, "Not anymore." She laughs that she'll donate her stuff to a charity for biker chicks. Liam says, "Steffy and I, we have a..." Hope cuts him off and acknowledges that he cares about her, but says they're not married. She picks up Steffy's jacket and asks for a bag. She starts hauling Steffy's clothes out of the dresser drawers. Liam protests. Hope asserts, "I'm coming home!" They argue heatedly. Hope says she loves him - she never stopped. Liam hollers that he loves her too. They kiss.

Brooke greets Rick and the others in the Forrester boardroom. Eric says Taylor had an emergency with a client, but they will go ahead. Dayzee arrives and they ask her to stay and give her opinions. Brooke asks where Steffy is, and Donna cautiously tells her that she's gone to see Ridge. Eric makes a speech about big changes in the family and business. He wants an heir working by his side at Forrester. Rick and Thomas have both worked hard, but he will only name one president. Thomas goes first. He tells his granddad why they'd make a perfect team and talks about moving into the future. He shows three designs. Rick takes his turn and takes issue with Thomas' insinuation that Forrester needs rescuing. He and Caroline focused on what is timeless in their designs. He shows three designs that are a little edgier. Thomas shakes his head. Eric thanks them both as everyone applauds. Pam tells Donna that Rick and Thomas couldn't share a job like they do. Thorne and Brooke agree they both did a great job. Eric says he's made his decision.

In her car, Steffy thinks back on good times with Liam. She arrives at the house excitedly and looks in to see Liam making out with Hope on the bed on top of her clothes!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Thomas and Rick each state why they should be president of Forrester Creations.

Taylor learns what Steffy is keeping hidden.

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