At the restaurant, Justin tells Marcus about Caroline's fall. Marcus remarks on him having Bill's back. Justin says he's in the middle of a tornado. Marcus says Bill's done some heavy stuff to get his own way and brings up the old 'sabotage' conversation he overheard between Justin and Bill before Italy. Justin says that was personal and private.

At Forrester, Hope tells Dayzee that she and Liam would be together right now if it weren't for all the manipulations by others - it's like they've been sabotaged from the beginning. Dayzee thinks back to the conversation Marcus overheard between Justin and Bill. She tells Hope what Marcus overheard. Hope talks about all the coincidences that occurred in Italy and suddenly she's sure Bill was behind it all - she leaves to get even. Later, Marcus enters and Dayzee tells him she told Hope about the sabotage conversation. Marcus is concerned. Dayzee says Hope's gone to see Bill and is on a mission - Big Bad Bill Spencer's going to have his hands full.

At Katie and Bill's house, Karen tells Bill he has a problem and Caroline's become a victim of it. Danielle says it's his drinking and his temper. Bill says this is ridiculous and they're wasting his time. Brooke pipes up that what happened was an accident. Bill says they have to focus on Caroline's recovery. Taylor takes over the intervention, asking Bill to sit and tells them what happened outside with Caroline. Karen complains that it was all about Bill interfering with Hope and Liam. Katie and Bill step aside. She says she's doing this for him - she wants him to be the best man he can be; he has to get a handle on his control issues. Bill warns her not to bring up Deacon. They return to the group. Karen and Danielle complain about him bullying everyone. Taylor asks Brooke to comment on Bill trying to control Liam. Brooke says they were all a little too involved in Hope, Liam, and Steffy's lives. Bill gets a call from an irate Hope, but refuse to buzz her in the gate. Hope tries the $ on the keypad and the gate opens. Bill tells the group assembled that he and Katie have ongoing conversations about control, and gets Katie to admit she's never seen him drunk. Brooke says he never got drunk while Katie was gone either - though it would have been justified. Taylor shakes her head. Hope rings the doorbell. Bill tells her get off his property. She spots his golf clubs and takes a three iron. Bill returns to placating the group inside. Suddenly, Hope breaks through the window and tells Katie she's about to tee off on her husband!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope confronts Bill.

Steffy and Liam discuss their relationship.

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