At Spencer, Hope tells Liam, "We were lied to." He hollers, "That's enough! Too much has happened!" He says he's glad she told him, but he and Steffy are closer than when they were married. He reminds her she broke it off and told him to move on - he did. Hope goes on about how they've both changed. She claims to have let go of her fantasy of him being Prince Charming. Liam suggests maybe there's a guy out there who would live up to her expectations. Their conversation continues. Hope says, "I know you love Steffy, but she's not me." Hope vows to prove to him they still have a chance. She says sooner or later he'll realize she's the person for him.

In the hospital hall, Katie rails at Bill for not seeing that what he's doing is wildly inappropriate. Bill shrugs that Alison always bumps up his coffee. Katie turns to Brooke for support. She offers to drive Bill home. He says they're being ridiculous and leaves to meet Justin.

Rick sits by Caroline in her hospital room. Katie and Brooke enter, followed by Karen and Danielle. Rick tells Karen she fell because Bill lost his temper. Brooke says it was an accident. The doctor says Caroline needs rest and someone to keep an eye on her. Rick vows not to leave her side. Karen complains to Katie about Bill's anger management problem and his drinking. Brooke thinks he was fine. Karen disagrees and asks Katie to help fix the problem.

Taylor grills Steffy at the Malibu house about what happened with Hope. Steffy says Hope did what she would have done - she went to Liam and kissed him, but nothing has changed. She calls Spencer and Alison tells her Liam's in a meeting with Hope. Steffy tells Taylor that Hope isn't respecting her relationship. Taylor tells her to make sure Hope understands next time. Taylor gets a call and leaves.

Bill goes home where Justin is waiting. They discuss everything that went on at the hospital. Suddenly Katie arrives, followed by Brooke, Karen and Danielle, and then Taylor. Justin leaves. Bill mutters, "Coward." Karen says he needs to stop drinking. Bill says, "You have to be freakin' kidding me."

Liam shows up at the hospital and lays into Rick. Liam grabs an ice pack from a cart, punches Rick, and tosses the pack on him.

Hope is daydreaming about Liam at Forrester when Steffy arrives. They discuss Hope being with Liam earlier. Hope says they were lied to. Steffy says Hope was lied to, by her brother, and Liam's moved on. Hope says it's only a matter of time... Steffy tells Hope to stay away from Liam.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope confronts Bill in public.

Liam is told by Hope about his father's manipulations in Italy.

Bill continues to scheme even while making promises not to interfere.

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