At the hospital, Bill watches as Rick pleads with Caroline to tell him what happened. She recalls how Uncle Bill accused her of betraying the family. Katie insists that Bill wouldn't get violent. Caroline admits she just slipped. Katie's relieved. Rick less so. "Awake? Good. No memory loss? Even better," Bill summarizes before walking off. Rick gets sappy as he kisses Caroline and then follows Bill down the hall. He corners Bill and accuses him of losing control. Rick vows to protect Caroline. Bill sighs. He gets a lecture. Bill repeats that this wasn't his fault and his niece shouldn't have been interfering. "Stay the hell away from her," Rick orders. He walks off. Bill drinks coffee.

Back down the hall, Hope yacks to Caroline. She assumes that this is all about her and Liam. She thinks Bill would do anything to keep Liam and Steffy together. Hope hunts down Bill and accuses him of wanting to hurt her. "Let's make it all about you!" Bill groans. She berates him for not listening to Caroline's advice about how to be a better person. He never wants his son to take another crack at her. Hope accuses him of ripping his own family apart. She's determined to get Liam back and won't let anyone stand in her way. Meanwhile, Rick returns to Caroline. The doctor shows up and says that the blond just has a minor concussion. Everyone's relieved. Rick moons about the future they will have. Katie and Brooke file out and find Bill down the hall. Katie is about to take a swig of his coffee when she stops. "I smell booze!" she says.

Liam and Steffy make out in her room. She begs him not to leave her alone in her underwear. He points out that someone needs to actually work. She jiggles her cleavage at him. He resists. She surprises him by saying that Hope deserved to know the truth. After he leaves, she picks up an ad featuring Hope. "There is no way you're getting him back," she says

Hope shows up in Liam's office. She tells him what happened with Caroline. Hope blames his dad, Steffy and Rick for their problems... and then apologizes for being too selfish and proud. She had unrealistic expectations and she should have trusted him. They stare at each other. He almost kisses her but stops himself and says he can't do this. "Yes, you can," she says.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick and Liam face off.

Liam goes to Hope with an answer.

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