At Katie's, she tells Brooke that Bill will get over Caroline's betrayal. She also thinks that Hope may not have another shot with Liam. They yap about how good Caroline has been for Rick. Outside, Bill bickers with Caroline. "Nobody threatens me!" he yells, accusing Caroline of spitting on his trust. When he turns, she grabs his arm. He rips it away and she falls back, tumbling over the balcony. He runs out to her and calls an ambulance.

Hope paces and remembers kissing Liam. At home, Liam is thinking about the same thing. Steffy interrupts. She guesses he has Hope on his mind and decides to empty it. Steffy has brought home lingerie samples to show him. She admits that he isn't totally predictable and they recall their paragliding adventure. She's sure he'd be miserable without her and imagine being sexy and sixty. "Unzip me," she says. She abruptly changes the topic to Hope and complains that she wants him back. She slips on some lingerie. He pops the champagne cork. "I'm like wow wow," Liam says as he stares at her. She tells him not to get sucked back into the 'Hope drama'. They toast to themselves and make out.

Rick drops by Hope's and is happy that she is still talking to him. She doesn't know if her life will ever recover from his stupid behavior but she's glad the truth is finally out. He talks about how Caroline is 'off the charts' and he could spend his life with her. She wants to concentrate on business and says she's made mistakes. "We all make mistakes, sissy," he says. Hope talks about how great Caroline is.

The ambulance takes Bill and Caroline to the hospital. A doctor wheels her away. Katie and Brooke arrive. They followed the ambulance. Brooke calls Rick and Hope over. Katie paces. She and her sister question Bill. The doctor comes out to say Caroline is still unconscious. Down the hall, Bill calls his sister and recalls the scuffle. Alison arrives with paperwork for him to sign. She tops off his coffee with some whiskey. Back down the hall, Katie worries that Bill might have been responsible for the accident. Hope and Rick arrive. He demands some answers and assumes this was Bill's doing. Katie defends her husband. The doctor announces that they can go in to see Caroline. She's still unconscious. Rick begs her to wake up. She opens her eyes and squints at Bill as he sheepishly walks in.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill strives to prove he's innocent.

Hope informs Bill that she'll overcome his actions.

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