Inside at Bill's house, Katie and Brooke decide they should keep Bill and Caroline apart. They discuss what Rick did to Hope. Katie says the only reason Hope dumped Liam was because she thought he made out with Steffy the night before their wedding. Hope says she can understand why he did it. Katie says Caroline seems to be a good influence on Rick. They discuss Bill. Brooke doesn't think Bill has a drinking problem - he's too much of a control freak for that. After seeing Will, Brooke tells Katie that Hope and Liam kissed. Katie realizes that's why Bill's so upset. Brooke says she's determined to fight for him. Katie hopes Caroline and Bill work out their differences.

At home, Hope daydreams about Liam. He comes to the door. She hugs him. Liam comes inside and they discuss him telling Steffy about Hope kissing him. Hope giggles that Steffy visited her and made a point of saying they were in bed when he told her - she hopes that didn't put a damper on things. Liam reminds her he asked her repeatedly to believe him about that night. He says he and Steffy have only grown closer since then. Hope asks if he still wants to live with her. She says she's back in the game and has big ideas for her line. Hope tells Liam they had something amazing. "Don't count me out."

Outside at Forrester, Marcus and Dayzee discuss going to Eric's cabin for New Year's. Rick appears. They discuss the competition. Rick says he'll be running the company and Thomas will be in therapy. They ask why he seems down. Rick admits he's concerned about Caroline and doesn't want anyone guilt-tripping her, like Bill Spencer. They speculate what Bill can be like. Rick recalls meeting Caroline.

Outside at Bill's place, he complains to Caroline that she betrayed her entire family. They bicker about Rick coming clean. Bill says she cares more about him than her own flesh and blood. Bill goes on about how family is all you can count on, and he thought he could count on her but was mistaken. Caroline argues that she was supporting family - her cousin Liam. Bill rants about Hope making a play for Liam immediately afterward - neither of them knows the meaning of the word 'integrity'. Caroline says Hope is great, but Bill calls her a schizophrenic headcase. Caroline points out she didn't tell Liam about his involvement out of loyalty. Bill says no one crosses him. He turns away from her. She grabs his arm, but he pulls free. Caroline loses her balance and topples over the balcony onto the ground below!

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