At Brooke's cabin, Bill rants about Caroline betraying family. He says no one does anything against his family without repercussions - especially a Spencer. Bill tells Brooke that Steffy is better for Liam. Brooke says they have to leave it up to them to figure out. She intones, "Seriously, Stallion, haven't you learned your lesson?" Brooke breaks the news that Hope kissed Liam and plans to fight for him. Bill rants about their lives going back into chaos. He doesn't think Caroline should have pushed this - all hell is going to break loose.

At Katie's house, Caroline tells Katie that she did exactly what Bill told her not to do. Katie wonders how the truth might affect Hope and Liam. Katie assures Caroline that it was a good thing that she encouraged Rick to come clean. Rick appears, saying he came so Caroline wouldn't have to face Bill alone. Rick tells Katie they've kept Bill's name out of it to preserve his relationship with Liam. Caroline hopes this will convince Bill of her loyalty. Katie goes upstairs, and Caroline walks Rick out, saying she'll wait for Bill. Inside, Katie flashes to Bill pledging to be a better man. Bill enters and pours a drink. Katie tells him she knows about Caroline and Rick. Bill says Brooke tipped him off. They bicker after Katie says it's a good thing. Bill doesn't want Hope messing with Liam's head again. Katie goes to feed Will. Bill steps outside and spots Caroline. He confronts her. "You betrayed me." Inside, Brooke arrives and confers with Katie, who is glad Caroline appears to have left - the mood Bill was in, she didn't want them coming face-to-face.

At home, Hope tells Steffy that the truth changes everything. Steffy says Bill won't be pleased about Caroline's betrayal. She tells Hope coming on to Liam won't make him forget what he has with her, and reminds Hope she didn't believe Liam or trust him. Hope says she's not giving up. She concedes that Steffy didn't manipulate her way into Liam's life or bed this time. Steffy says that's where they were when he told her she kissed him. They argue about their mothers. Hope says the choice is Liam's. Steffy says he's made it.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope talks to Liam about the possibility of a future together.

Katie is worried about Bill.

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