At the mansion, Eric again pleads with Donna not to leave him. Donna cries and says it's too late. He asks for one more dance with her and she obliges. He tells her if she needs him he'll be there for her. She takes out the letter Bill gave her and leaves it on the table before she walks out the door. Eric sees the letter and reads that Donna is asking for half of everything he acquired during the course of their marriage, but he knows Bill is behind this.

Katie comes home and overhears Bill telling Justin on the phone that he hopes 'she leaves him'. Katie asks, "Leaves who?" He tells her he advised Donna to leave Eric. Katie is shocked but Bill says it's good advice and if she's smart she'll take it. Katie defends Donna's marriage and they debate the issue. Katie learns he wants Donna to get part of the company and assumes he wants it for himself. Donna enters in tears and Katie tries to be a cheerleader for her marriage, but Donna doesn’t know what to do. She wants to go back to Eric, but he's vulnerable to Stephanie, so she can't be vulnerable to him. Bill is happy to hear it and asks if she gave him the letter. Bill details the letter to the sisters and when Donna balks at the idea of divorce, he tells Donna the Logans have suffered enough. He vows to make sure she gets what she deserves and Donna hugs him. Katie on the other hand, doesn't look too thrilled.

Eric calls Bill, as Katie takes Donna to another room, and orders him to leave his wife alone. Eric knows he's using Donna to get his hand back on FC but declares their marriage isn't over yet. Bill throws his relationship with Stephanie in his face and says Donna deserves better. Eric doesn’t think Donna will play his game and declares no part of FC will ever belong to Spencer Publications again and hangs up. Bill says to himself, "We'll see about that Eric. Game on."

Ridge comes home from his trip and comforts Brooke over the loss of her mother. Brooke gives him all the details about Donna and Eric's marriage when she learns he hasn't spoken with his father yet. Brooke doesn't think Stephanie meant any harm towards Beth, but Donna wanted to press charges and now her marriage may be ending. Ridge knows this has been hard on Brooke and he tells her Beth will always be with her in her heart.

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