At home, Katie flashes back to arguing with Bill and going into labor. Brooke arrives. They discuss Brooke coming back early from her honeymoon, Bill buying Katie the house, and Taylor moving to the beach. Katie tells Brooke that she and Bill were discussing something when she suddenly went into labor. After, Brooke visits with the baby, Katie talks to her about seeing Storm. Things get tearful. Katie says she couldn't leave Will alone with Bill. Brooke jokes along. Katie is surprised when Brooke says she came back without Ridge and says she's not going back to join him. Katie asks if something happened between them. Brooke has a panic attack!

At Forrester, Rick tells Caroline that he's expecting an email from Ridge, who wants to take some time off. He feels he's about to become CEO and wants to celebrate.

In the Forrester hallway, Pam and Donna prepare for a meeting. Eric and Stephanie discuss Ridge not returning. Everyone gathers in the boardroom to learn who Ridge has appointed as interim CEO. Marcus speculates that he must plan on being away for a while, and wonders if Katie's near death made him rethink life. Ridge's email comes in and Eric reads it aloud. He talks about being a better more focused CEO when he returns and says he'd like Eric to takeover, but understands that he's earned the right to step back. Ridge names Thomas as interim CEO. Rick smoulders. He jumps to his feet. "Are you freaking kidding me?" He says Thomas has no business experience and asks Eric to do something - this isn't right. Tensions rise as Thomas says it's his birthright. Rick demands Eric intervene. Stephanie tells Rick to accept the decision gracefully. Marcus congratulates Thomas as the meeting's adjourned. Rick asks for a moment with Thomas. Thomas calls Rick out on his recent friendliness all being an act. Caroline listens as they argue. Rick tells Thomas he's done more for the company than Thomas ever has. Thomas tells Rick he'll never run Forrester and won't get Caroline either. "Back off." Thomas punctuates his remark with a light smack on Rick's face. Rick mocks that his daddy handed him a position he didn't earn. Things turn ugly. Caroline screams as Thomas puts Rick through the window and he lands in a heap in the bushes below!

Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Eric and Stephanie become concerned after she has a health scare.

Brooke and Stephanie discuss the honeymoon in confidence.

Brooke learns of Deacon's return.

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