Bill waits on Katie at home but she doesn’t want to eat. She wishes he would respect her and stop interfering in Hopes love life. Donna arrives. She did not tell Liam about Deacon because she saw him making out with Steffy. Katie accuses Bill of never giving Hope a chance. Bill did welcome Hope in, but she is the one who left Liam when things got rough. Liam is his son and he has every right to interfere. Katie will never let him manipulate their son. Bill might take it all back if he thought about how it would hurt her, but she accuses him of never thinking about anything but the end game. Bill assures them he thinks Hope is a lovely young girl. But she is not for his son. Why do they even want Liam with Hope when he is clearly in love with Steffy anyway? Donna agrees. Brooke is coming back tomorrow and she does not want to tell her Bill sent Deacon to Italy. Still upset, Katie leaves to see the baby. Bill doesn’t blame her for being upset with him. Katie almost died and now they should be celebrating. He doesn’t deserve Katie. Donna agrees but he is the guy she picked so he needs to take some responsibility and apologize until she can hear him.

In the nursery Bill tells Katie he loves her. He admits he lost sight of what was most important to him. Nothing means anything without her. He promises to be a better man if she will forgive him. He holds her while she cries.

Caroline visits Rick at his office. He brings in some new models who are wearing Caroline’s designs. She is ecstatic but concerned because Ridge did not approve them for production. He wasn’t supposed to say anything, but Ridge will announce interim CEO tomorrow and he is the only one with experience. He is the logical choice. He wants to run this company and he wants Caroline by his side. The only thing they have to do is be ready. Later, she watches him on the phone and admires his confidence - especially when he was strutting in those heels on the runway. She is excited about traveling to New York with him. They discuss Thomas spending hours with Hope. She has another choice, and he will always put her first. She is everything he ever wanted and never had. He can’t help himself and kisses her. She kisses him back.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke returns from her honeymoon and sees Bill and Katie’s baby for the first time.

Katie hears some startling news from Brooke.

Ridge names his temporary replacement at Forrester Creations.

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