At the hospital, Liam tells Hope that they were meant to be together. Hope asks if he's willing to leave Steffy behind because she won't share him. Liam tells Hope she was always the one he wanted to be married to, but Hope says Liam really hurt her. She can't do it again, but will always love him. Hope kisses him and exits.

At Forrester, Taylor gives Steffy credit for giving Liam time. Steffy says she's going to take him to her favorite place today.

Bill brings Katie home to a new house in the city. Donna is with them and says it's really lovely. Bill agrees to tackle the job of taking the baby to his nursery. Katie is silent. Donna asks about her mood. She insists she's just tired. Donna says she's a walking miracle with a new baby - she should be ecstatic. Bill returns. The nurse arrives and heads upstairs. Donna offers to help, but they send her on her way. Once alone, Katie and Bill bicker about what he did to Hope and his disregard for his own family - he could go to prison. Katie is unsure about their future - she won't allow him to be controlling with Will the way he's been with Liam. Bill asks her for her forgiveness. They embrace.

Hope tells Rick at Forrester, that Liam still isn't being honest about the night before the wedding. Rick says she's better off without him. Hope worries about having left the door open for Steffy. Rick asks if she's willing to compromise her principles. Hope allows Rick to embrace her as she cries, "I'm just giving him him to Steffy."

Liam meets Steffy at Spencer and tells her that he had a conversation with Hope at the hospital - she still doesn't trust him. Steffy muses that it's her she doesn't trust. Liam says it's over. Steffy tells him it's time to get out of there. She takes him to a green space in the middle of L.A., saying he needs a chance to escape and breathe. She asks where he goes from here. Liam grins, "Nowhere but up." They discuss the new baby, and Hope, and Liam decides to stop beating himself up. Steffy assures him there's life after Hope and kisses him.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy wants Liam to see why she's the better choice.

Rick is worried about something he did being exposed.

Rick has an idea to win over Caroline.

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