As the doctors work to revive Katie in her hospital room, Bill urges her to fight. In the waiting room, a staff member tells Hope and Liam that Katie had a heart attack and they're trying to save her. She takes the baby to the NICU. Inside the room, Bill orders the doctors to bring Katie back.

Donna returns to Forrester from shopping and chastises Pam for leaving her seven voicemails. Pam tells her it's about Katie - she'd better get to the hospital. Donna becomes frantic and worries about reaching Brooke. Pam reassures her that she'll track her down, and says the baby and Katie will be fine. Donna mutters about calling her father on the way. Pam hugs her.

Donna arrives at the hospital, and Hope tells her the baby was born. Liam cautions that Katie's not doing well. She asks what that means and cries when Hope says she may have had a heart attack. Donna and Hope tell Liam that this is the hospital where Katie got Storm's heart. Donna recounts what happened, how she and Brooke thought Katie would die, and how Storm sacrificed himself. Inside the room, the doctors continue CPR on Katie. Her soul leaves her body and goes toward a light and Storm appears. She reaches out. He tells her it's not time yet - they'll be together some day. Katie hears Bill pleading with her to come back. Bill is full of relief when Katie's heart starts working and the nurse hollers, "We've got her!" Dr. Meade goes to the waiting area and tells Donna, Hope, and Liam that Katie pulled through. They go in to see her. The baby is brought in and Katie holds him with Bill. They share a tender moment. Katie sees Storm's light in the corner of the room and smiles.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie's crisis gives Liam a change of heart when it comes to his relationships with Hope and Steffy.

Taylor makes a confession.

Steffy thanks her mother.

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