At the hospital, Bill and Dr. Meade coach Katie to try and get her heart rate down. Katie tells Bill she's scared. Ice packs are brought to cool her down. Dr. Meade warns if her heart rate reaches 140 it will be very dangerous for her and the baby. The specialist arrives and Dr. Meade fills her in. Bill reassures Katie and apologizes for letting her down. She says, "Not now. It's okay." He says it's not - he loves her and can't lose her. The specialist tells Katie to stay calm and everything should be okay. Bill steps aside with Meade to find out what else can be done. He suggests now would be a good time to start praying. Bill heads to the chapel. Katie's blood pressure spikes and they prepare for an emergency c-section. Meanwhile, Bill tells God that this situation is beyond his control. He doesn't ask for help because he considers it a sign of weakness, but he can't fix this - and may even be responsible for creating it. He cries that he needs God to fix this - Katie is pure goodness and his son is pure innocence. He tells God to take him and leave them alone. Dr. Meade appears and tells Bill he should be with his wife. Bill barks, "Is she alright?"

In Steffy's apartment, Liam tells her she's a sight for sore eyes. She's glad he's there. "I missed ya' cowboy." He apologizes for not being in touch. She says her feelings are unconditional - she loves him whether he likes it or not. They talk about how incredible Taylor is - as a shrink and a mother. Liam says she helped him see that he needs to let go. He tells Steffy he's still messed up, but it's good to see her. They discuss Hope. He says he's trying to let go, and thanks Steffy for being so cool about everything - she always gives him exactly what he needs. She says he'll need time, and then maybe they'll get back together.

Taylor finds Thomas in his office. He shows her sketches from Hope's new line. They discuss Steffy. Thomas says she hadn't heard from Liam. Taylor doesn't think she'll be waiting long. Taylor thinks Liam and Steffy could have a chance if he lets go of Hope. Thomas says Steffy's not convinced he's done with Hope, and is afraid to get her hopes up.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill faces a very difficult decision with regard to Katie and their baby.

Thomas confesses his feelings to Hope.

Liam and Hope are brought together due to tragic circumstances.

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