In Bill's office, Katie panics as she tells Bill she thinks she's going into labor. She cries that it's too soon and she's scared. Bill takes her out the door.

Thomas shows up at Steffy's with takeout brochures. She thinks Taylor sent him. He denies it. They discuss his situation with Caroline and Hope. She warns he'll have to make a choice. He wonders why she hasn't moved back with Liam. Steffy sighs that Liam's been difficult to read. She admits she's frustrated that things haven't happened faster. Thomas thinks it's fine that Liam takes things slow. Steffy complains about all the unhealthy expectations that have been placed on Liam.

Liam rudely dismisses an employee from his office. Taylor appears. She's curious about what's going on with him. Liam assures her Steffy's important to him. She observes that he's throwing himself into work and says she doesn't believe he ever intended to hurt anyone. Liam is short with an employee over the phone, and Taylor wonders if he's not giving anyone else a chance because Hope didn't give him one. Taylor tells him she sees anger and detachment; darkness. Liam admits he may have a dark cloud over his head, but he's still the same guy. Taylor counsels Liam that letting Hope go will be like grieving a death. He sobs. She soothes that when one door closes, another one opens - maybe something better.

Bill and Katie arrive at the hospital and Dr. Meade appears to take her to labor and delivery. Bill argues that it's a high-risk pregnancy and it's not time. He tells him Katie had a heart transplant and needs more help that he can give her. Katie's admitted and Dr. Meade warns Katie about her heart rate. He whispers to Bill that if Katie's heart doesn't regulate she'll have to take beta-blockers and have a c-section, which will be very risky for her. Bill flashes to telling Katie he's afraid of feeling hatred for his own kid. He reassures Katie and tells her to breathe. Bill frets to the doctor, who advises him not to appear anxious to Katie. As her heart rate climbs dangerously, Bill repeats, "Calm down, Katie. Breathe."

Steffy is thinking about being with Liam in Aspen, when he arrives at her door. He tells Steffy about Taylor's visit. Steffy pretends to beat on him for listening to her mom and not her.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy and Liam are back together.

Katie's pregnancy could end in a premature delivery.

Bill must make a hard decision.

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