Katie strides into Bill's office, calls Deacon a lowlife, and demands he tell her what Bill paid him to do. Deacon says he had six years left in his sentence when Bill showed up to take him to Italy to postpone Hope's wedding. He adds that he didn't even know about the letter until today. Katie and Deacon bicker until she tells him to walk away. Bill also tells 'snitch' to go. Once alone, Bill asks Katie if she's walking out too. Katie rants to Bill that he committed a crime and now they're beholden to Deacon Sharpe. She calls him obsessed and says he's jeopardized their son's entire future. She vows not to let him make their child into an angry carbon copy of himself - she will protect him! They bicker about Liam and Bill's controlling tendencies. She can't believe she's having a baby with him. "I don't know who you are!" Bill tells her to calm down. She keeps ranting and starts having pains.

At Forrester, Hope tells Liam it doesn't matter that he loves her - he'll never be able to give her his whole heart. Liam says he can, and did. He says every time he wasn't honest was with her, it was because he didn't want to hurt her. Hope counters that he lied because he didn't want to get caught, and says he's just like his father now. Liam says Bill's been encouraging him. Hope scoffs that girls like Steffy really go for that kind of thing. Liam cautions, "Hey." Hope tells him Deacon showed up to check on her and says he blames himself for them not being married. Hope says she wanted to know her father; she didn't think it would cost her Liam. Liam talks about how she helped him adjust to Bill being his father, and then he hurt her. Hope says it shouldn't be this hard.

Taylor arrives at Steffy's place and they discuss Thorne supporting Tay during Ridge and Brooke's wedding. Taylor says it was wonderful that Steffy was there for her father, and asks if Liam was her date. Steffy tells Taylor not to worry about labeling it. Taylor worries he'll use her. Steffy says she'll support him, and is fine with whatever happens next. Taylor thinks Liam would be much better off with Steffy. Steffy tells her he's been different lately. Taylor is concerned that he's emulating Bill. Steffy says Bill wants him to be a true Spencer. Taylor thinks Liam should know that Bill brought Deacon to Italy.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill reacts to Katie's distress.

Liam finds himself confronted by Taylor.

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