In the Forrester studio, Hope lets Deacon know Liam's not her husband. They discuss Hope's life since Italy. He says the truth is, he's as responsible as anyone for the problems between her and Liam. Hope talks about Liam always running to Steffy, but admits she still loves him. She says his connection with Steffy is just too strong. Deacon asks the teary Hope if she really wants a fresh start - she still seems attached to Liam. He gets all protective. They talk about the note he left her in Italy. She asks why he came back. Deacon says he saw her press conference - he's worried Liam isn't worthy of her considering the grief he and his old man have put her through. Hope wonders how he knows that. Deacon rants about Bill being a control freak. Hope asks Deacon to stick around, and says she loves him. They hug. Deacon doesn't feel worthy. Once alone, Hope looks at photos and recalls Italy.

Caroline and Thomas kiss at Forrester. She says they should get back to work - Rick likes to crack the whip. Thomas says Rick's not in charge. Rick enters with the proofs from the photo shoot. He tells Thomas he and Hope look great together - on camera and off.

In the hallway at Forrester, Pam and Donna let the phone ring while they argue over who will open the door for Oliver. Oliver enters the office and shows Rick some enlargements from the shoot. Caroline eyeballs them with hostility. Rick says he's going ahead with the campaign. Once alone, Rick tells Caroline to think about him in the CEO chair - he's determined to honor the legacy of his father. She notes he wants this badly. He says not as bad as he wants to do this; he kisses her passionately.

In his office, Bill feels the baby kicking and tells Katie his son is World Cup soccer material. They talk about his other son. Bill says Liam is over Hope. Katie warns him about alienating Liam. Liam enters saying he's going to make cuts. He adds that the less said about Hope, the better. Bill says since Hope told him she's not in love with him anymore, there's nothing left to say. Katie and Bill debate. Pictures of Thomas and Hope come up on Liam's tablet. Bill tells Liam he's 'Liam the Conqueror' and gives him a pep talk about not caving. Later, Deacon arrives. Bill asks what the hell he's doing there.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill must decide how to handle Deacon's demands.

Liam takes advice from his cousin, Caroline.

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