At Forrester, Rick talks about how inconsiderate it was of Liam to show up at Ridge and Brooke's wedding and hang out with Steffy. Hope thinks maybe Liam's changing. Rick pushes to find out what she means. She says something fundamental seemed different. Thomas and Caroline enter. He has new ideas for the line with Hope. Rick's all for it.

In the photography studio at Forrester, Rick tells Thomas and Hope everyone's looking for chemistry - fun, breezy, and sexy. Caroline tells Oliver the lighting's too harsh on Hope. The photo shoot gets underway and Caroline shakes her head and storms out. Thomas follows.

At work, Bill watches as Liam takes a meeting and berates the staff for not coming up with anything but fluff. He orders them out and Bill enters. He's impressed. Liam isn't as thrilled. Bill tells him they're paid minions and he won't get ahead by being nice - he's ready for his destiny as a true Spencer. Bill talks about being a man and advises that you can't let girls soften you up. Liam asks what if he lost Katie? Bill admits if Katie left he'd be devastated, but he would go on; a man cannot lose his pride. Bill tells him he got off on the wrong foot with Hope, but that's behind him now. From now on he'll be a man who commands respect. Katie enters. Bill says he's teaching his son the facts of life. Bill pats his other son. Katie asks how Liam is doing. Bill says he's fine. Liam agrees, saying Hope doesn't love him anymore. Katie says she couldn't have meant it. Bill says they're both moving on. Liam leaves. Katie muses that he's probably headed right for Hope.

In a Forrester office, Thomas and Caroline argue. She complains about the amount of time he's spending with Hope. He says he's helping an old friend. She reminds him he was once in love with Hope. Thomas insists it's innocent. Caroline sighs that she's been unfair, but she misses him. Thomas kisses her.

Still in the Forrester studio, Oliver shows Rick and Hope the photos. Rick thinks Hope looks happy with Thomas. Oliver goes. Hope wonders if Rick's moving too fast. Rick doesn't want to bother Ridge on his honeymoon and says he'll just go ahead with the campaign. Rick exits. Flowers arrive for Hope with a card that says 'I love you'. Deacon enters and says they're from him!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick takes advantage of Thomas and Caroline having argued.

Katie warns Bill that meddling in Liam's relationships could backfire.

Hope is stunned to see Deacon.

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