Eric snaps wedding photos in the Forrester living room. Steffy and Thomas make a toast to Brooke and Ridge. Steffy says they've taught them all what love is about - reaching out and holding tight through good times and bad times. Thomas says they're a reminder of what they should strive to be. He jokes, "Never make us do this again." Rick saunters over to tell Thomas that Hope could use a friend. Bill eyeballs Liam as he watches Thomas take Hope to get food. Dayzee and Marcus recall saying their vows there and kiss. Steffy approaches Liam and offers to get him out of there on her bike. Bill observes and Katie whispers that he's so smug. She says it seems his little dinner worked out - for now.

Still in the Forrester mansion, Eric takes a moment to chat with Donna. He assures her the right man will come along. Pam stops by to talk about cake and comment on how big Donna had been getting before she began exercising! Bill and Brooke have a talk in which Bill suggests she keep her daughter away from his son. Brooke thinks he's wrong and says Katie thinks so too. Katie joins them and they all joke. Thomas stands with Caroline and Hope passes by. Rick stops Hope to tell her that Caroline's in denial about Hope and Thomas making a better couple. He adds that Caroline will soon realize she's better off with him. Hope rolls her eyes. Pam calls for attention. She warns Ridge and Brooke she didn't stay up all night making the cake so they could smoosh it all over each other. Everyone laughs. As the cake is passed out and eaten, Brooke and Ridge kiss. He thinks it's about time to go. Ridge tells the guests he's taking his bride on a kickass honeymoon, but he won't say where. Brooke asks if he's sure about leaving work. Ridge says the family will look after that. Rick tells him to take his time. After, Rick tells Caroline that Ridge is testing the waters - she knows his dreams; this is his chance, their chance... Brooke says farewell to Hope, who makes a speech about what 'Ridge and Brooke' mean to her - true love and destiny.

As Brooke and Ridge prepare to leave the mansion, Steffy takes Hope aside and warns her to stop giving Liam sad, longing looks. She adds that her brother will be there to help her pick up the pieces. Eric presents Brooke and Ridge's latest framed wedding photo. Stephanie and Brooke share a moment. Stephanie apologizes for taking so long to admit Brooke's part of the family. They recall their history. Stephanie tells Brooke she changed her. She tells her to drop the 'in-law' and just say 'daughter'. Brooke says she's waited years for her approval. Stephanie says she's got it - and her love and respect. They embrace.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Deacon comes to L.A.

Bill is on his guard due to Deacon's arrival.

Hope is stunned by the appearance of her father.

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