Taylor answers her office door to Thorne, who says he wished Ridge well and then left - there's only one person he wants to be with today. He asks how she's doing. Taylor admits she's feeling nostalgic. They discuss Stephanie planning the wedding. Thorne thinks it was a bit much considering she's Taylor's closest friend. Taylor says Stephanie's changed. Taylor asks if Steffy was there. Thorne says she was, and Thomas was best man, of course. They talk about how they've grown up. Taylor says the kids will always be her bond with Ridge. She recalls memories of herself and Ridge in happy times. Thorne asks if she can move on. She insists she already has. Thorne says he wants to be there for her. She says he can. They kiss.

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke and Ridge's wedding ceremony is underway. Hope shoots looks Liam's way. Ridge talks about what they mean to each other, but says a wedding is also about public acknowledgment. He invites any of the guests to stand up and say what this wedding means to them. Katie says Brooke pretty much raised her, and she and Ridge are an example of always following your heart and never giving up. Stephanie talks about how she used to try to keep Brooke and Ridge apart...but then the Grim Reaper came to her door. She says Brooke's taught the family about love and forgiveness. "Bless you, sweetheart." Hope does a reading about the kingdom of forgiveness and love. Thomas reads something he wrote about the gifts they've given them as parents. The minister asks everyone to look at their beloved. Katie and Bill kiss, Dayzee and Marcus gaze at each other, Stephanie and Eric kiss, and Thomas and Rick both look at Caroline. After, Thomas can't find the rings. Rick produces them, saying he left them in the office. Brooke speaks from the heart to Ridge about the storms they've weathered together, and says she looks forward to seeing what will arise in the future - no pun intended. Everyone laughs. Brooke says she'll love him forever and puts the ring on his finger tearfully. Ridge tells Brooke he will never be without her - she fulfills him completely - they're inseparable. She'll always be in his heart and soul. She is his heart. Crying ensues as he puts her ring on. They are pronounced husband and wife and kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick's scheming where Caroline is concerned bothers Hope.

Thomas makes a moving toast at the wedding.

As the wedding reception winds up, an unexpected revelation is made.

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