At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie puts out photos of Brooke and Ridge's past weddings as they enter, debating which was the best one. Eric appears with an empty frame for today. Katie and Donna arrive and marvel that Stephanie's responsible for it all. Hope quietly says she's excited for her mom. Pam and Thorne enter, followed by Liam and Steffy.

Upstairs in the Forrester mansion, Brooke thanks her sisters for indulging her today. Hope comes in and says it makes one believe things can work out. Donna jokes that the Logan women are unforgettable.

Downstairs, Liam thanks Steffy for looking out for him. Ridge and Rick discuss the photos on the mantel. Bill joins them and draws Ridge's attention to Steffy and Liam. Ridge says Liam looks different. Bill says he's earned his stripes the past couple of days. Stephanie sidles up to Ridge, who asks why she did the wedding. Stephanie says she started seeing Brooke differently when she was sick, and can see her through his eyes now. Ridge says she's amazing. Rick and Thomas watch Steffy with Liam. Rick says they belong together and mentions Thomas helping Hope along. Thomas tensely informs Rick he's dating Caroline.

In the upstairs bedroom, Hope admits it's hard to see Liam with Steffy and apologizes to her mom for being a downer. Steffy appears. Hope exits. Steffy says Liam came with his family, not her, and offers to leave. Brooke says her husband is her father - she wants her there. Steffy deflects a question about Liam, and tells Brooke it's obvious what she brings into Ridge's life - she sees it in both of them. Katie appears to tell Brooke they're ready for her.

Dayzee and Marcus come through the door and recall their own wedding. Caroline spots Hope and tells her Thomas isn't available. Hope assures her they're just friends and she didn't know Thomas was going to kiss her. Thorne tells Ridge he has to duck out early. Ridge tells him to say hi to Taylor. Thomas finds Hope and they discuss the kiss. He asks, "How was it?" Rick gives Caroline a glass of champagne. She calls him on trying to steal her from Thomas. He quips that it's good to have options. Liam tries to talk to Hope, who notices his new suit.

Stephanie joins Brooke in the bedroom. Brooke thanks her and they agree there's so much love and reflect on how much they've been through together. Stephanie helps her with her dress.

Everyone takes their places in the living room and Brooke appears at the top of the stairs. Ridge recalls their past weddings as she joins him.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Someone is missing from Brooke and Ridge's wedding party.

Ridge asks their guests to speak out about what the nuptials mean to them.

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