At Forrester, Liam promises Hope that nothing happened between him and Steffy the night at the club - he stayed true. Hope becomes agitated when he keeps saying he loves her. She cries and tells him to be with Steffy. She says he'll be happy with Steffy - he's different now. She fell in love with Liam Cooper and now he's William Spencer III - the trust is gone. Liam protests he's the same guy. She blurts that she doesn't love him anymore - he's hurt her too much. Liam exits, dumbfounded. Hope sobs.

At the house in Malibu, Bill asks Katie to help make tonight special by putting aside her animosity toward Steffy - for Liam. She kisses him. "Maybe."

In Ridge's office, Brooke assures Stephanie over the phone that her dress will be ready in time. Ridge grabs the phone and says Brooke has to go. He hangs up and kisses Brooke. They discuss getting married. Brooke feels they don't need to be legally married, but ever since he proposed, it's all she can think about - she'll be very happy being his wife again. They talk about a honeymoon and their happily ever after. "Honor and obey." They laugh and kiss.

In Steffy's office, she and Thomas discuss the night at the club. Steffy says it was innocent and doesn't understand why Hope won't forgive Liam. They discuss whether Thomas has feelings for Hope. Thomas shrugs that it doesn't matter - she may already be back with Liam. Steffy takes a call from Bill inviting her to the family dinner. She says she's on her way. Steffy leaves, and Rick stops in to urge Thomas to pursue Hope.

Still in Malibu, Katie complains about not being able to drink wine during this dinner. Liam arrives and shakes his head when Katie asks about Hope. Steffy arrives. Bill hollers at Katie that Spencer men take their steak rare - red wine, red meat! Bill whispers to Katie that this is the beginning of Liam's transformation. Liam complains his steak is still 'mooing'. Bill pours more wine and says they're celebrating Liam moving beyond childhood fantasies. He talks about how strong Katie and Steffy are - Spencer women. He says Hope turns Liam into a boy, but he's a man now and must act like it.

Rick stops into Hope's office and tells her Steffy's having dinner at Liam's house. He talks about Thomas being a good guy and admits she'd be helping him out - he needs someone good in his life. Thomas enters and weighs in on Liam having dinner with Steffy. Hope says she can't be with a man who behaved as he did the night before their wedding.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill goes all out to make Liam a real Spencer.

Rick tells Hope that Thomas still has feelings for her.

Rick is stunned by Ridge's request.

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