At Forrester, Liam asks Hope for another chance. Thomas jumps in and tells him it's over - he needs to move on. Liam and Hope bicker about how she reacted to his night out with Steffy. She's exhausted from forgiving him. Thomas pipes up that they're saying 'I'm sorry' more than 'I love you'. Liam says he does love her. Thomas talks about him jumping from woman to woman. Liam points out that he's kissing Hope while dating his cousin! Thomas goes. Liam tells Hope it hurt to see her kissing Thomas. She says she knows - she's been there. Hope says too much pain comes with loving him - she can't believe he still hasn't told her the truth. He insists he's been honest about all of it - even loving Steffy. Hope says he cheated on her the night before the wedding. He denies it.

Katie finds Steffy is still at Spencer and says she's glad she's not at Forrester. Liam and Hope are going through a tough time and she should just leave them alone. Steffy scoffs - is she supposed to hide every time she sees them. Katie thinks Steffy has an agenda supporting Hope and Liam. Steffy clarifies that she supports Liam - she loves him and that's never been an act. Katie still thinks she's just trying a new tactic. Steffy counters that she's offered love and friendship - it's the way a wife should treat her husband. Later, Bill tells Katie he has a plan for dinner - them, Steffy, and Liam at the Malibu house. He informs her they are 'Team Steffy' and says she needs to understand what he's trying to do for his son. He wants a family dinner, and says it's time to transform Liam - that starts tonight. Katie agrees to be there, but pretends to strangle him when he asks her to change her mind about Hope.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie encourages Brooke and Ridge not to sneak off to the courthouse to be married - a family wedding would be fun. Brooke giggles about throwing her bouquet at Donna and agrees. Stephanie counters that she must throw it at Pam. Brooke is surprised when Stephanie offers to plan the wedding - she says she'd love it. Stephanie says it would be her way of acknowledging that Brooke's part of the family. Brooke and Ridge beam. Stephanie begins making a list and they decide to keep it small and intimate. Brooke hugs Stephanie, who groans. Later, Ridge and Brooke talk about the journey she and 'mother' have been on. It only took half a lifetime for Stephanie to accept her. Ridge quips, "Better late than never." Brooke jokes she'll get Stephanie to make an appetizer using big, big, olives.

Steffy arrives at Forrester and asks Thomas about the kiss. They discuss Liam and Hope. Steffy says if she won't forgive him, they could be done for good.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke and Ridge remarry.

Wedding guests speak out about Ridge and Brooke's nuptials.

Stephanie dishes about Brooke.

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