At the Forrester press conference, Hope denies to the press that she and Thomas are an item. Rick says the concept of the new line won't yet be revealed and wraps things up. Hope whispers to Thomas that he will explain to her what just happened.

At Spencer, Liam can't believe Thomas kissed Hope. Bill says she's moved on and hollers at Liam to snap out of it. Katie thinks something was off about the kiss. Steffy agrees. Bill rants, wondering if Liam is going to go humiliate himself again. Liam leaves. Bill screams, "What is with that kid?" Katie calms him and steps out. Bill tells Steffy to stop making it easy for Liam to go back to Hope. Steffy says she won't repeat past mistakes by manipulating. Bill asks what has happened to her! They bicker. Bill insists Steffy stake her claim. Steffy points out that Liam left to see Hope.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie and Eric discuss how crazy their grandchildren are. Across the room, Ridge argues with Rick about making important business decisions on the fly without permission. Rick laughs that he pulled the botched press conference out of the fire. After, Stephanie and Eric try to reassure Brooke about the kiss - Thomas just knows how to use his charm. Brooke is angry. Stephanie thinks it was a good move - Hope couldn't handle the press. Ridge says Thomas is a good man and won't let Hope break. Brooke says she belongs to Liam. They agree to disagree, and talk about their own wedding.

Thomas joins Caroline in an office and tries to explain about the kiss. Caroline asks if he's saying he kissed Hope to protect her. He says no, he took advantage of a moment to create buzz for the company. Caroline storms out. When she returns later, Rick is there. He says Thomas told him she was upset over the spontaneous kiss. Caroline isn't sure how to handle it. Rick pulls her over for a cuddle on the sofa.

In the Forrester hallway, Dayzee and Marcus discuss Thomas kissing Hope. Dayzee thinks he has feelings for both of them. They agree the kiss was probably a publicity stunt and start canoodling.

Thomas joins Hope in her office. He tells her he kissed her for the buzz, and because he wanted to. She says he's with Caroline now. Thomas says he finds Hope irresistible. She doesn't see them being more than friends. Liam enters and pleads for another chance.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Stephanie gives Ridge and Brooke something they've been waiting years to have.

Katie gives Steffy a stern warning, but Steffy doesn't pay heed.

Liam tries his luck with Hope once again.

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