At Spencer Publications, Bill is frustrated with Liam moping around the office. Katie says that Hope had every right to be upset, though she's sorry she broke up with Liam. Steffy arrives. Bill says her timing couldn't be better. Steffy says she knew Hope's press conference would be tough on Liam. Katie mocks her and suggests she leave. Bill says Steffy stays. Steffy tells Liam it will get easier. Bill crows that he gave Hope a clean slate and she's since walked out on Liam - twice. Steffy shows Bill a photo of the spray-painted heart on Liam's house. He flips. He shows Katie her niece's handiwork. Katie admits it's over-the-top. Bill says it's immature and calls to have it cleaned. Katie prepares to turn on the press conference.

In Rick's office, he's pleased to hear from Thomas that Hope seems to be done with Liam. Rick urges him to be someone Hope can lean on. Thomas says he will, but adds he knows Rick is self-serving and has feelings for Caroline. Rick tells Thomas to focus on the feelings he has for Hope. Thomas questions him. Rick tells Thomas that he's the lesser of two evils. They agree Liam's not worthy of Hope. Rick says this could work out great for everyone. Thomas says Hope is still hung up on Liam. Rick encourages Thomas to come to the press conference.

In Ridge's office, Hope tells Brooke and Ridge she removed her things from Liam's place last night and that she had Thomas spray-paint a heart and sword on Liam's tower. Ridge opines, "Vandalism. Interesting." Caroline listens at the door as Hope tells them how supportive Thomas has been. Eric and Stephanie enter. Hope says she has an important announcement to make. Brooke takes Hope aside to talk about her and Liam finding their way back to each other. Hope says over is over.

In the Forrester corridor, Pam and Donna greet Jarrett with lemon bars. Everyone gathers for the event. Dayzee tells Marcus that Hope seems edgy. Hope announces that her bridal line and her engagement are over. She stops. When she's unable to answer Jarrett's question, Rick steps in to say Liam's not good enough for her, and announces they're adding a designer to Hope For the Future. Ridge and Brooke gawp as Rick introduces Thomas!

At Spencer, Liam is transfixed by the press conference. Bill barks at Liam to toughen up - he's his heir and needs to start acting like it!

At Forrester, the crowd gasps as Thomas plants a kiss on Hope's lips!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie and Bill disagree while trying to advise Liam.

Caroline becomes very angry with Thomas and winds up turning to Rick.

Thomas is stopped while making a confession to Hope.

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