At the Malibu house, Steffy listens as Liam tells Hope he can't understand why they can't work this out - he loves her. Hope says he loves Steffy too, which isn't okay with her. Hope tells Liam when he's hurting, his instinct is to go to Steffy, not her. This is the way it's meant to be. Thomas re-enters. Hope tells Liam he stabbed her in the heart and says goodbye. Liam stands outside and watches them go. Steffy joins him, and notices a giant heart painted on the house with a sword through it! Liam says Hope hates him. Steffy hugs him. Back inside, they debate whether he did anything wrong. Steffy says time will take care of everything.

At Forrester, Donna tells Pam she just got back from a trip, she's not worried about organizing their desk. Pam asks how Stephen was. "Did he ask about me?" Donna says, "Nope." Rick appears and asks if Hope is still around. Pam says she and Thomas went to move her things out of Liam's place. She adds that Caroline is working in his office.

Rick enters his office and asks Caroline to have dinner with him - Thomas is busy with Hope. Rick steps out to take a call from Othello, who is upset about what they told Hope. Rick tells him it's for the best and hangs up. Caroline appears. They discuss Hope. Rick talks about the way Thomas latched onto her the last time she broke up with Liam. Rick can't help but think this is how it's meant to be. He tells Caroline he needs someone good in his life especially since he'll be running Forrester one day. Caroline says it won't be her - she's with Thomas. Rick points out he's with Hope right now in full white knight mode. Caroline scoffs at Rick's evaluation. Rick says he's sorry. She turns away when he tries to kiss her. Caroline says if Thomas has feelings for Hope, she wants to hear it from him. Rick stops Caroline from phoning Thomas, saying Hope needs him.

Back at Forrester, Thomas and Hope rehash their trip to Liam's house. They discuss the heart with a sword through it she had him paint on the wall. Hope is glad Liam has to see what he did. Rick enters. They tell him about the painting. Rick's amused. Hope steps out. Thomas is going to check on Caroline, but Rick stops him, saying Hope needs him. He tells Thomas, "Make her yours."

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

"B&B" will be pre-empted for sports on Monday September 3.

Hope holds a press conference.

Thomas makes a surprise announcement at the press conference.

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