Steffy awakens, looks at her phone, and thinks of Liam. Ridge, Taylor, and Stephanie arrive. She tells them she's hoping Liam will call and put a stop to the divorce. Ridge decides he should talk to Liam, and leaves. Thomas checks in via text, and Taylor warns they should prepare for the worst. Steffy says if the phone doesn't ring, she'll be really sad, but life will go on.

At Forrester, Brooke tells Eric that as of midnight tonight, Steffy and Liam's marriage will end. She says she had hoped Ridge would design Hope's wedding gown, but he's concerned for Steffy. Eric agrees immediately to help with a wedding dress. Brooke complains that everyone is on 'Team Steffy'. Brooke says Hope's so upset that she's been talking about Deacon. Eric is appalled. Hope appears and tells Eric she is glad she got back to her values, and that she and Liam are on track to be married. Eric shows Hope some wedding gown designs and offers her one. She thanks him. After, Hope tells Brooke that if Ridge is uncomfortable designing her dress, he'll feel the same way about walking her down the aisle. Brooke reassures her.

At home, Liam thinks about Steffy. Bill arrives and says he wants Liam to have a good life - he guarantees that won't happen with Hope. He challenges Liam to look him in the eye and tell him he truly wants to end his marriage to Steffy. Liam says he's not making it any easier. Bill feels that if Liam was really happy with Hope he wouldn't be pacing around his house. Bill implores him to make the right decision. Later, Ridge arrives and tells Liam he knows what it's like loving two women, but he's got to get a handle on it. Ridge says the clock is ticking - he's got to get a backbone and make a decision. Ridge brings up Aspen, and says he has to tell Hope how he's feeling; he can't leave them both hanging on. Liam says he'll take it from here. He pulls out a photo of Steffy, flashes to their times together, looks determined, and phones her to come over.

Steffy gets dressed in her bedroom and tells Stephanie that Liam called and wants to see her. Stephanie calls, "Text me!" Steffy rushes out the door. Taylor reappears, and Stephanie fills her in.

Ridge returns to Forrester and tells Brooke he visited both Steffy and Liam. Brooke says he's already made his decision. Ridge says he tore up the annulment papers - that says something.

Steffy enters Liam's living room. He appears. She looks hopeful, and he looks tense.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam and Steffy spend time together.

Hope tells Eric she'd like to have her biological father give her away at her wedding.

Ridge is concerned, knowing one of the girls will be hurt.

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