At Spencer, Bill tells Justin he'll get Deacon out of jail if he decides he needs reinforcements. Marcus arrives, thinking of what he overheard on the phone. He asks to speak to Justin alone. In Justin's office, Marcus asks, "What's going on with you and Bill, man?" He admits he heard them talking - his phone butt dialed him, and they were talking about Hope. Marcus says it's obvious Bill has a plan to break up Hope and Liam. Justin tells him the conversation is over and not to bring it up again.

Hope enters Steffy's office. Steffy asks Hope not to feel sorry for her - it's not necessary. Hope reminds her the divorce will be final at midnight tomorrow. Steffy says whatever happens tomorrow - it's happening to both of them. Talk turns to the wedding gown. Hope says she always thought she'd walk down the aisle in one of Ridge's designs. Steffy says she could - if she married someone else. They agree to end the conversation and Hope goes. Liam arrives and says he wants to talk. Steffy tells him Hope was just there - she's pretty confident. She shares that she has her countdown clock set for midnight - when it will play wedding bells to hopefully indicate the next chapter of their marriage. Liam says he thought things would become clearer, but they haven't. Steffy tells him time is up - either way it's been a blast. They kiss.

Karen and Danielle arrive at Spencer. Karen says she doesn't want Bill to know they're a couple. Danielle is excited about the prospect of a job there. Karen enters Bill's office and confronts him about blowing off their previous meeting. Bill shrugs off her concerns. Karen congratulates him on the baby. Bill reminds her of the health risks for Katie, and then changes the topic, telling Karen she needs to find a man. Karen brings Danielle in and leaves her with Bill. Danielle answers questions about her writing experience and says she'll do anything to get the story. Bill asks if she will be moving out of Karen's house, and Danielle tries to deflect. He admits she's intrigued him. Later, Karen returns to ask how it went. Bill tells Karen that Danielle hit on him the whole time. Karen assures him he's mistaken, asks him to give Danielle a shot, and leaves rolling her eyes.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill and Ridge each make an appeal to Liam regarding his love life.

Hope feel gratitude toward Eric, and feels betrayed by Ridge.

Steffy waits for Liam to make a decision.

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