At the prison, Deacon lets Bill know that he'll do what he wants, but he doesn't like it one bit. He thinks Bill is garbage to ask him to hurt his daughter, but says he can't stay in prison. Bill grins and says to spare him the tortured father routine. He warns he'll go right back to jail if he crosses him.

At Forrester, Brooke tells Hope that Deacon is totally irrelevant. Hope says her father is an issue for her. Brooke isn't pleased that Dr. Barton put these ideas in her head, and warns Hope to stay away from Deacon. They argue as Hope says Brooke kept him away from her. Brooke implores Hope to listen to her and keep Deacon Sharpe away forever.

At Spencer, Marcus tries to call Justin, and asks Alison where he is. She says he's off making the world a better place. In another office, Karen and Danielle arrive to meet Bill, but find Katie, who shares that she's unexpectedly expecting - they're thrilled that she's pregnant! They laugh at the idea of Bill at a changing table. Katie calls him to see why he's late for the meeting. Bill tells her to reschedule. Katie thinks the whole thing is odd.

Brooke waits in Dr. Barton's office, thinking back on the past with Deacon. She recalls him warning her that one day Hope will want to know her daddy. Stacy enters and Brooke orders her to stop encouraging Hope to reach out to her biological father - she won't allow it! Dr. Barton argues that seeing Deacon would be advantageous to Hope's emotional development. The bicker. Brooke says Hope needs to run in the other direction.

Back on the jet, Bill calls Alison. She says Katie is there, and Marcus is looking for Justin. Bill tells Alison to lie to Katie - that's why he pays her the big bucks. While Bill and Justin discuss Deacon, Justin's phone is bumped and dials Marcus.

Katie calls Alison into her office at Spencer and grills her on Bill's whereabouts. Alison says he's looking into long-term investment opportunities.

At Forrester, Hope flashes to her last conversation with Dr. Barton. Marcus appears and asks what's on her mind. She fills him in on her argument with Brooke. Marcus answers his phone and hears Bill telling Justin that if his plan works, Hope will be out of Liam's life once and for all.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Marcus asks Justin about the conversation he overheard between him and Bill.

Steffy gives Liam a final opportunity to choose her over Hope.

Bill gets it all wrong when he meets with Danielle.

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