At the prison, Bill asks Deacon if he wants to get out or not. Deacon says it depends what he has to do once he sees Hope. Bill tells him. They trade insults. Deacon tells Bill he doesn't look like he could fix a parking ticket, and calls the guard. Bill goes to the warden and tells him he has proof he's cheating on his wife, and wants Deacon Sharpe released immediately. Bill returns to Deacon's cell. Deacon calls him a persistent bastard. Bill has the warden confirm that he can get him released, and then shows him a photo of Hope. Deacon doesn't want to do what Bill's asking. Bill turns to leave. Deacon yells, "Wait! I'll do it."

At Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke he can't design Hope's wedding gown - she'd better ask his dad. Brooke tells Ridge not to worry; she never should have asked him in the first place.

In Steffy's office, she tells Hope she realizes she's had a tough time - they both know what it's like to feel abandoned. She muses that whatever happens, they'll have support from their mothers and Ridge. Steffy's glad that he was the father to Hope that Deacon couldn't be. Later, Ridge checks in on Steffy. She tells him she believes in her marriage, and deep down, so does Liam. Ridge hopes he realizes it before he weds Hope. Ridge says Liam has said nothing to Hope about Aspen. Steffy says he loves them both, and comments on Hope's one track mind about the wedding. Ridge tells Steffy he refused to design the dress. Steffy hugs him. She tells Ridge it's good he was a father figure to Hope - her real father was a mess. Ridge says it was best that Deacon got the hell out of Hope's life.

Hope goes to Brooke's office where she learns Katie is pregnant. Hope is excited. They talk about Bill coming around to the idea. Hope wonders if someday he'll come around to the idea of her marrying Liam. Brooke says he'll have to, and chats about how everything is right on track. Hope mentions her dress. Brooke breaks the news that Ridge won't do it. Hope isn't pleased. Brooke says Eric will do it. Hope says a wedding should bring a father and daughter closer together. She muses about Deacon, which shocks Brooke. She asks where this is coming from. Hope tells her it came up in therapy. Brooke says she told him to stay away. Hope wants to reach out to him. Brooke is aghast. She tells Hope to focus on her wedding - no more thoughts of Deacon.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke tries to stop a Deacon/Hope reunion by involving Dr. Barton.

Alison covers for Bill.

Steffy and Liam's impending divorce finalization causes different feelings for both Steffy and Hope.

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