Hope and Liam kiss in his office. Bill peers in as Hope giggles to Liam about how ready she is to get married. Bill returns to his office and tells Justin that Deacon's in prison - they need to go. Liam stops in. They both tell him they love him, and then leave.

Stephanie finds Ridge in his office and asks if he's designing a wedding dress for Hope. He says he told Brooke he can't do it. Stephanie's relieved. Brooke joins them and informs Stephanie that Hope and Liam will be married in Italy, and nothing or no one is going to interfere. Stephanie and Ridge try to tell Brooke that the wedding might not go as planned. Brooke is confident and tells Stephanie to consider coming to the wedding. Stephanie leaves. Ridge wonders if Hope ever thinks about Deacon. Brooke hopes not.

In her office, Steffy thinks about Aspen. Marcus and Dayzee enter and tell her they're planning their wedding. They understand if she's not up for wedding talk. Steffy offers to do whatever she can for them, and says Liam loves her and has to make a choice. Hope appears and says, "He already has." Marcus and Dayzee clear out. Hope tells Steffy she will find an incredible man. Steffy says she already has - she's married to him. They talk about their issues. Steffy mentions feeling abandoned by her father - Hope must feel that too. Hope nods, and then reiterates that she is Liam's future.

Bill and Justin settle in on the Spencer jet. They look over Deacon's rap sheet and talk about how he crossed Victor Newman and has a kid with Amber Moore. Bill complains about getting in the sandbox with Deacon, but says he doesn't want his son married to the loser's daughter. They arrive at the prison and Bill chats up a suspicious Deacon, who says he has six more years to serve. Bill asks if he'd like to get out. Deacon wonders if he baked him a cake with a file. Bill warns that if he gets him out, Deacon will be paying a visit to his daughter, Hope, and will be doing exactly as Bill says.

Stephanie finds Liam in his office and asks which girl he's going to choose. She suggests he put a stop to his divorce - it's that simple. She implores him not to give up on what he and Steffy had together - it's as good as it gets. Liam says they had their moments. Stephanie asks if he really wants to walk away from someone as special as Steffy.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy and Ridge discuss Liam.

Feeling betrayed, Hope makes a change to the guest list for the wedding.

Deacon mulls over Bill's proposal.

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