In her office, Steffy and Liam embrace. He tells her she's being exceptionally cool. Steffy shrugs that he's a grown man - only he can decide how he wants to spend the rest of his life. She assures him that whatever happens, she'll survive, but she'll never stop loving him. They kiss and hug, and he leaves.

Hope is still at Dr. Barton's office discussing her biological father, Deacon, and how he was married to her half-sister, Bridget, when he and Brooke conceived her. Hope starts getting into Deacon abandoning her - she feels rejected by him. She wonders if that played into her reaction when her fans rejected her. Dr. Barton is pleased with their progress. She suggests she reach out to Deacon, but Hope wants to focus on her wedding - not her daddy issues.

In his office, Bill listens to Hope's conversation via bug, and tells Alison he doesn't want her marrying his son - and Deacon Sharpe is the key. He muses that Hope has issues and Liam will inherit those problems if he marries her. Bill tells Alison to find out everything about Mr. Sharpe. Liam arrives and admits he's been with Steffy. Bill leans on him to make a decision, saying Hope moved out to use sex as a weapon - that's what young, inexperienced girls do. Liam squeaks, "What?" and walks out. Alison reports to Bill that Deacon's in jail. Bill says that won't stop him.

Katie visits Brooke at Forrester and tells her that she's pregnant. Brooke is stunned. After she congratulates her, she asks what her doctor said - she has a heart condition and isn't supposed to get pregnant. Katie takes a call from her cardiologist. Brooke wants to come with her to her appointment. Katie admits Bill had a hard time with this. Brooke snarks that he's too protective of Liam too. They discuss the Italian wedding. Brooke shares the story of the annulment papers. Katie says she' going to take off - there's someone she needs to see.

Katie drops in on Steffy to ask why she changed her mind about the annulment papers. Steffy says she did it to make Liam's life easier. Katie doesn't buy it - she thinks it was manipulative. Steffy says her theory is flawed - otherwise she would have made sure Hope found out. Katie sniffs that it's an interesting strategy, adding that there will be a marriage in Italy.

In his office, Liam remembers tearing up the papers and kissing Steffy. He then remembers kissing Hope. He holds his head and paces. Hope arrives and he kisses her. Hope says her shrink appointment went well, and now she's all his. They kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Stephanie isn't pleased that Ridge is designing a wedding dress for Hope.

Justin accompanies Bill to prison to see Deacon.

Stephanie confronts Liam about the choice ahead of him.

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