In her office, Steffy recalls Aspen. Brooke appears and tells her Liam will marry Hope as soon as their divorce is final. Brooke tells Steffy not to let Hope find out what went down in Aspen - nothing must stop this wedding. Steffy wonders why she seems so worried. They bicker about why Liam tore up the papers. Brooke wants to know what Steffy is planning. Steffy says she doesn't want to play games. Brooke hollers that she'd better not ruin Hope's wedding. Steffy says if Liam goes to Italy it will be his decision, but she still thinks he'll end up with her.

Hope and Liam talk about their wedding day in his office. She says moving out was the right thing to do, and tells Liam, "I am me again." She says he'll be marrying the girl he fell in love with.

At Dr. Barton's office, Alison sits in a session, pretending she's attracted to her boss. When Dr. Barton takes a call, Alison plants a spy device.

In Bill's office, Justin congratulates him on impending fatherhood, but Bill reminds him how dangerous it is. He changes the subject, saying Alison is earning her bonus right now. Justin reminds him it's illegal to bug Hope's therapist's office. Bill rants about her being unstable - this will help him figure out how to get rid of her before she messes up Liam's life. Justin and Bill bicker. Bill wants him to loosen up a bit - he suggests he date Karen. Justin gives Bill a strange look and says he's not her type. Alison reports back, and gives Bill a number to call to listen in. Bill dials and hears Dr. Barton greeting Hope.

In Dr. Barton's office, Hope says her anxiety is gone. Dr. Barton asks about her father. Hope says she's never known him - it's fine. Dr. Barton presses. Hope admits she's curious about him, and wishes he wanted to know her.

Liam pays Steffy a visit at Forrester. They reminisce about Aspen. Steffy tells him it's his life and future - if he wants her, he knows where to find her. She hopes they'll make many more memories.

Brooke chats with Marcus and Dayzee about their wedding plans at Forrester. Talk turns to Liam and Hope's wedding in Italy. Marcus and Dayzee tell Brooke they don't want their plans to interfere with Hope and Liam's wedding. Brooke isn't worried - they'll all be happy.

In Bill's office, he demands information on Hope's father. Alison hands him a photo of Deacon. Bill tells the picture, "You're the key to Liam's happiness."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam receives an ultimatum from Steffy.

Hope discusses Deacon with Dr. Barton.

Bill starts sniffing around for information on Deacon.

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