At home, Katie tells Bill they should start their conversation over again after his reaction to her pregnancy news. He reiterates that she's having an abortion - this week! He argues the high risks to her health, saying she might as well ask him to push her out of a plane over the Pacific - he's not doing it! Katie tells him she knows he loves her. Bill refuses to let her commit suicide. Katie says she loves him and wants this child for them. If she has to 'leave' at some point, at least he won't be alone. Bill begins to cry - he'd love to have a child that's as beautiful as she is - but he's afraid it could kill her. He sobs that if she were to die, he's afraid he'd feel hatred toward his own kid! Katie says that wouldn't happen - look at how much he loves Liam. Bill opens up about how he wakes up in a sweat when she's not there - he can't handle the thought of her being done for good. He cries that Big Bad Dollar Bill, that guy who needed no one, is gone. He refuses to live without her. Katie says it's her risk to take - it's not hypothetical, and she won't say no. They embrace.

Back at the Forrester guest house, Caroline apologizes to Thomas for putting him in an awkward position. She tells him how her grandfather, Bill Spencer I, would never accept Karen and Danielle's relationship. She asked them to move here for her, but now worries that Uncle Bill might prove to be a problem. She explains that her grandfather effectively put her parents in the closet - and now they're doing it to her. She apologizes for trying to use him to break free of it. Thomas asks what happened with her and Rick. She says he wasn't forthcoming with her. Thomas says he's a good guy - but not good enough for her. They kiss. Thomas leaves.

Rick tells Brooke, at Forrester, that Amber had convinced herself she did everything she did for him. Brooke wants to talk about his line - she suggests he work with Caroline. Rick doesn't think she'd even want to be in a room with him.

Rick arrives at Caroline's place and tells her what she thinks isn't true. He says he loves women's clothing, but would never put them on. She thinks he's still lying. He tells her what she saw was Amber's manipulations - she feels entitled to him but felt him slipping away. Rick tells Caroline he wants her and kisses her. She tells him goodnight.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill sends Alison in search of dirt on Hope.

Brooke gives Steffy a warning regarding Hope.

Dayzee and Marcus make plans.

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