At home, Katie chats with Donna about Bill. Katie says when she thinks back to how he reacted when he found out about Liam...who ever would have thought Dollar Bill Spencer would become such a family man? Katie gets a text from Bill that he'll be home soon. Donna prepares to leave and they agree to have a girls' lunch soon.

At the beach house, Karen tells Caroline they can't tell Thomas the truth. Danielle joins them and Caroline looks at her sadly. Thomas takes Caroline aside and asks if everything is okay. They kiss. Over dessert, Caroline makes a point of letting Thomas know Danielle has been in their lives a long time. Bill arrives. Karen introduces Danielle as her 'roomie'. Bill notices all the framed photos of Karen and Danielle vacationing together, and says, "You know what people might think, right?". He leaves, and Caroline tells Karen that this secret keeping is stressful. She turns to Thomas and apologizes for how awkward this has been. She asks Karen, "Please. For me." Karen tells Thomas that Caroline's father isn't in the picture, but she has two parents - her and Dani - they're a couple. Caroline adds, "These are my moms." Thomas looks stunned. Karen asks if he has a problem with this. Thomas says he feels bad that they didn't feel they could be themselves around him, and apologizes for asking about Caroline's father too much. He understands them wanting to hold onto their privacy. Thomas says it's great that they found each other. Karen tells him that Bill cannot know about this.

Bill arrives home to a romantic set-up. He kisses Katie and tells her he met Karen's roommate, Danielle. He finds it odd that Karen needs to live with someone. Katie and Bill talk about how their lives have changed since they married. Bill likes it there with just the two of them. Katie tells him things are going to change - and she's excited for it; they're stronger than they've ever been, and are built to last. Bill says she's the greatest partner he could ask for. Katie tells Bill something miraculous has happened - she's pregnant! Bill abruptly says it's not happening - she's having an abortion!

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautful:

Bill asks Alison to do something for him.

Hope discusses father issues with Dr. Barton.

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