At Rick's, Amber explains that she loves him and thought she was losing him - he looks at Caroline the way he used to look at her. Rick rails at Amber for giving Hope pills, but she screams that she was trying to help her. Rick hollers that he went to the mat for her - tried to convince everyone that she'd changed. He thought she wanted to be better for Rosie. Amber says they can get past this. She cries that she's a handful who keeps messing things up, but she loves him. She talks about the success they'll have together. Rick listens to her ramble, and then yells that she's never going to change - it's over! She reminds him that she encouraged him and brought his designs to life. Rick's grateful, but won't stand for her hurting his sister. They yell and scream about who Amber really is, and why. He tells her she needs to leave Rosie with Marcus and get out of town - he never wants to lay eyes on her again. Amber sobs as he leaves.

At Forrester, Caroline phones Karen and tells her she's decided to come to dinner and bring Thomas. Karen protests, so Caroline says she'll go out with Thomas instead. She hangs up and Thomas enters. Caroline asks if he'd like to meet her parents. He agrees.

In Brooke's office, Hope tells her mother that Rick is with Amber, but he's finally seen her for who she is and she'll now be out of their lives. Brooke is outraged to hear about Amber leading Caroline to believe Rick dresses up in women's clothes. Hope says there's more, and tells Brooke that Amber bought her the pills online. Brooke says Amber took advantage of her when she was vulnerable - Rick will never let her get away with it. Hope agrees - he won't be fooled by her again.

Caroline and Thomas arrive at Karen's beach house. Karen behaves awkwardly when Caroline says both of her parents are cool. She pulls Caroline aside to tell her this is not a good idea. Caroline insists on being honest with Thomas. Thomas interrupts to asks if he should pour wine for her father. Jarrett appears - he's a friend of the family. Thomas is then introduced to Danielle. Karen blurts that she's another friend. They sit to eat, and Danielle gets up to answer the phone. Thomas wonders if it's Caroline's father calling. Karen takes Caroline outside and forbids her to tell Thomas the truth - it's a family matter.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Things feel awkward for Thomas.

Bill shows up at Caroline's dinner, which makes everything worse.

Katie gives Bill very unexpected news.

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