In his office, Ridge looks at one of Thomas's designs on a model. He tells him it's exquisite - they're going to add it to couture. Ridge wonders if Thomas's latest designs have been inspired by Caroline. Thomas can't lie - she's sophisticated and down-to-earth. Ridge see major success coming his way. Thomas says he can handle it - the time in the basement has taught him a lesson. Brooke enters as Thomas tells Ridge he's taking Caroline out for a romantic dinner. Thomas leaves, and Ridge crows to Brooke about Thomas being inspired and on the brink of success thanks to Caroline. Brooke reminds him two men are interested in her, and asks what restaurant Thomas is taking Caroline to. Ridge said he wouldn't tell her even if he knew. They laugh and kiss.

In Rick's office, Hope gasps at Caroline telling her it's true - Rick wears women's clothing. Hope exclaims that it's absurd. Caroline insists she's seen him in heels and wearing lipstick. Caroline goes on to say the main problem is that he hasn't been honest - she's not a fan of secrets. Hope asks if she has pictures of Rick. Caroline shows her. Hope giggles that something is really wrong here. She leaves. Caroline tells her mother over the phone that Rick is keeping a secret and she doesn't like that. Thomas comes in and they discuss a design. He kisses her and they decide to have dinner on the beach. Thomas asks about her family. Caroline avoids the topic. Thomas goes, and Karen calls back and asks her to the beach house for dinner. Caroline says she's busy with Thomas.

Amber continues to seduce Rick at his place. Things start to heat up when Hope knocks at the door. Rick lets her in, and she tells him that Caroline is somehow under the impression that he's a cross-dresser. Rick wonders who started such a rumor. Hope looks at Amber, who plays innocent. Hope shows Rick the photos. He scoffs that they're photo-shopped, and says he only wore heels once, on a dare. Suddenly, he turns to Amber and accuses her of setting him up. Hope hollers that of course it was Amber - she's also the one who gave her the pills from an online store. Amber protests that she didn't make her take them. Hope argues that she was vulnerable. Rick asks Hope to go, and Amber tells Rick she was just trying to help Hope. Rick demands she come clean. She admits she doctored the photos - she was scared of losing him. She begs him to forgive her as he stares with contempt.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline invites Thomas to join her for dinner at her parents' place.

Amber tries to explain to Rick.

Karen and Caroline disagree about the family secret.

Brooke dislikes Amber even more.

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