Jack shows up at Erica's, late at night, to talk. He tells her about some mail he's received - the contract for the new television show! "Where did I lose you when I said 'No way in hell'?" Jack asks. Erica tries explaining that she didn't say he'd do the show so she changes her tactic, telling him that she thought he'd be willing to help Kendall and the boys! She tells him about the lengths the network is going to to launch campaigns on deafness and premature births, new websites and the whole nine yards. It is all dependent on his joining, however, and Jack doesn't want to be involved. She tells him the new show would only be once a week and insists that they should be able to bicker for a live audience once a week for the sake of kids around the world! Jack wonders why his involvement is so necessary. Erica insists that it is only the network who wants Jack to be onboard but Jack still thinks it could be that she wants him around in some capacity. Erica tells him no subject is off limits and all the network wants is for them to be themselves to show the differences between men and women. She makes up a headline involving Greenlee and Jack tells her daughters will be off limits! Jack decides to go along but makes one change to the contract - that they make love!

As she is leaving, Greenlee sees Aidan in the waiting room. She returns to Dr. Hilliard and orders him not to see Aidan but Dr. Hilliard doesn't listen. Saying he has nothing to hide, he decides to invite Aidan in. She stops the doctor, asking him if she can get out the back way. He makes a joke and Greenlee pulls him back into the room. She tells him that Aidan is a friend of Ryan's but he doesn't see why Aidan being there means he shouldn't speak to him. The doctor finally realizes exactly who Greenlee is. "You're the woman who kidnapped that little boy," he says. Telling him that she loves Spike but no one believes her, she begs him to help her get out of the office without being seen - so he can still help Spike on her behalf. Dr. Hilliard brings Aidan in to see him; Aidan explains to him about wanting alternative meds for a shoulder injury. He looks around as they enter for Aidan doesn't see anything - or anyone - around. Dr. Hilliard throws Aidan off by telling him that he's been evaluating him through his "aura" and telling him that he'll help him for $20,000! Dr. Hilliard them comes right out and tells Aidan he knows he has been sent to investigate him. Aidan leaves. Dr. Hilliard lets Greenlee out of his closet! She tells him about Spike's conception, insisting that she knows that Spike doesn't belong to her but that she still loves him. The doctor listens as she begs him to keep her name out of the situation for the sake of Spike. He agrees to do what he can to help and offers Greenlee the name and number of a psycho-therapist! She doesn't want a therapist, she wants help for Spike. Dr. Hilliard tells her he won't be involved in her circus and begins writing her a check to return the money she gave him. "This is not about what you want," he says. Angry, she gathers her things and tells him he is punishing an innocent child.

Without giving him any reasons, Annie insists to Ryan that Spike cannot stay with them. She asks Ryan if Kendall really wants a break from Spike, trying to convince him that Spike would be better off with her. Ryan is completely confused. He tells Annie it's the best decision because Kendall can come visit anytime, so can Zach. This throws Annie into a new tailspin, believing "people" will be coming in and out of the house at all hours - and what the could mean. Ryan tells her that Kendall and Zach aren't just people and it isn't a big deal. Annie still has concerns. Ryan realizes something more is going on but has no idea how to get the truth from her; instead he tells Annie he was wrong to spring the new living situation on her. The subject changes to Greenlee. Ryan can't believe that Annie is no identifying with Greens! For the umpteenth time, he asks Annie to share her secrets with him. "It's nothing," she insists. That only makes Ryan more certain that she is keeping something from him. She leaves to check on Emma. In their bedroom, Emma is playing with flower petals and singing "Ring Around the Rosie"; that scares Annie. She tells Emma that they need to go someplace safe and wonders where that safe place might be.

Kendall reaches out to the new mom as Zach comes into the room. Seeing the other woman's confusion and fear, Zach pulls Kendall from the room! Kendall hesitates and Zach explains things to the new mom. When she reaches for the call button, Zach tries to get Kendall to leave but she won't. Emotionally, she tells the other mother that she just wanted to feel normal for a second; the more she talks the more weirded out the mother gets. Kendall finally realizes that she is scaring the mother and apologizes to her. She tells the woman about Ian and Spike's troubles and the mother isn't as worried. Zach takes her arm and they turn to go. The woman stops them at the door and offers to let Kendall hold the child! Kendall holds the child for a minute and then they leave the room. In the hall Kendall tells Zach she isn't crazy. Zach believes her and tells her they need to go home. Still, Kendall isn't ready to leave the hospital! Talking about Spike being born and how that changed her, she tells Zach that she isn't the same woman without her firstborn.

Back in the main room, Ryan answers the door, surprised to see Kendall and Zach there. She takes Spike, leaving Ryan and Zach to talk. Zach tells Ryan that their keeping Spike isn't going to work; Kendall says they're taking Spike home - tonight! Ryan tries to make her see that his keeping Spike is only for a few days, until she's back on her feet but she refuses. Annie returns and tries to offer a solution. Before she can say anything, Ryan tells Kendall and Zach that they are making a mistake by taking Spike when Kendall is worn out and not eating. Zach asks Annie about her solution - she suggests that they all live together, at Zach and Kendall's!

At The Comeback, Aidan calls Tad to tell him that the investigation is off track. Greenlee arrives and angrily confronts him about going to Dr. Hilliard's. "You ruined everything," she exclaims and he realizes she is the one who outed him to the doctor.

Next on AMC:

Aidan wants to know why Greenlee blew things for him. Lily tells Jonathan that Ava's a lesbian! Kendall and Annie, Ryan and Zach react to the new living arrangement proposal.

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