In Liam's office, Brooke demands to know if he will marry Hope. She grills him about tearing up the papers. He says it's not what he wanted - he didn't want to tell the world that it never happened. Brooke rages that Hope will be very upset when she finds out about this! Liam says more happened in Aspen. Brooke says she knows - Hope was overwhelmed and he abandoned her. Liam admits he's concerned about Hope's ability to cope with life. Brooke protests that Hope is on the right track - she's not addicted to pills. Liam says Hope sacrificed for him, and that's what Steffy was doing by signing the papers - he couldn't let that happen. He tells Brooke he wants to marry Hope and have kids with her - without drama. He asks Brooke to keep the secret of the annulment papers from Hope. Brooke sees that he wants to protect Hope, and talks about the wedding. They hug.

At Forrester, Stephanie tells Steffy it will all work out with Liam, and that's what she thinks he'll tell Brooke. Steffy thinks she should go over there, but Stephanie stops her, saying Brooke needs to be told by Liam. Once alone, Steffy flashes to Aspen.

In Hope's office, she laughs at lipstick on Rick's face - she assumes it's Caroline's, but he says something turned her off of him. He muses that they were hitting it off so well, but then everything changed - he has no idea why. Hope agrees it's weird. She says she'll talk to Caroline.

Caroline, in Rick's office, talks to Amber about Rick wearing lipstick. Caroline says she was obviously only getting to know one side of Rick - she wishes he'd felt comfortable enough to tell her his secret. Amber says she's accepted Rick for who he is. Caroline muses that he's obviously more open with her. They discuss secrets. Caroline says she and Rick are similar in this way. Amber talks about how much Thomas likes Caroline. Caroline tells Amber she's transparent, but agrees that Thomas is terrific. Caroline admits that Rick got under her skin though. Amber exits. Hope comes in and asks Caroline about Rick. They talk about how great he can be, but Caroline says he hasn't been honest. She asks if Hope knew that Rick liked to wear women's clothing.

Rick visits Amber at home. She's in lingerie and says she loves him. They kiss. Amber goes into full seduction mode.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline is unsure about getting closer with Thomas since she's keeping a secret.

Thomas tells Ridge that Caroline is his inspiration for a new collection.

Hope proves to be a hurdle for Amber and Rick.

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