At Forrester, Stephanie tells Brooke that Hope needs help, not a new husband. Brooke growls that she's getting help, and she's also getting Liam! Stephanie suggests Brooke prepare herself for the possibility that may not happen. They argue over what it means that Liam tore up the papers. Brooke wonders how Steffy worked it. Stephanie angrily says she didn't do anything. Brooke says she'll send her an invitation to the wedding. Stephanie exits.

In Liam's office, Hope tells him that Steffy was over for dinner the night before. She asks if Steffy went to his place. Steffy appears and says she did. Liam says she didn't come in, they just talked at the door. Steffy says he did invite her in, but she won't step foot there unless she's moving back in permanently. Hope hopes Steffy won't turn down a dinner invitation after they're married. Liam says they're acting different. Steffy says it's due to the encounter on the mountain. Hope apologizes again, and then wonders again if there is something that brought about this change in Steffy's attitude. Hope says she understands why Steffy never signed the annulment papers, but now it's her time with Liam - to be married in Italy.

In Rick's office, Caroline asks Amber how she's not bothered by Rick dressing in women's clothing, before leaving. Amber puts on red lipstick and Rick appears. He says she looks great, but then asks about Caroline. He has no idea why Caroline is avoiding him. Amber asks how any woman could avoid him. He says she's a sweetheart, which moves Amber. Rick hugs her and they kiss. He asks Amber what she's heard about Caroline and Thomas. Amber says she seems to like him a lot. Later, Rick catches up with Caroline and he asks why she's been so 'busy' lately - did he do something to offend her? Caroline says sometimes you find out something about someone, and things change. Rick is puzzled. Caroline exits. Amber soothes Rick. They kiss.

In Steffy's office, Stephanie tells her that Brooke overheard them talking and knows about the annulment papers - she's probably headed Liam's way. Steffy calls him and warns him. She tells Stephanie that he said, "Maybe it's for the best." They speculate about what that might mean, and why he tore up the papers.

Brooke arrives at Liam's office and asks if it's true he tore up the annulment papers. He says, "Yes." He says it felt like the right thing. Brooke says it wasn't for Hope! She goes on about how much Hope loves him - they could have been married already! Brooke demands to know if he's going to marry her or not.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam tells Brooke to mind her own business.

Hope finds out why Caroline is avoiding Rick.

Amber expresses her feelings toward Rick.

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