At Forrester, Brooke asks Hope if she's okay - it was her first day waking up without Liam. Hope shrugs that she knows it's better to stay true to herself. Brooke asks if Hope has been tempted to take any more pills. Hope says she doesn't want to be that person ever again, and wants to look forward to her wedding. She says it would have been easier if Steffy had signed the annulment papers, but she and Liam have survived the test. They agree that Steffy probably went to see Liam last night. Hope says it's sad the way she clings to her fantasies.

At Spencer, Justin asks Bill about running the photo of Hope taking a pill. Bill can't risk alienating Liam. Bill says Hope moved out - now he just has to sit back and watch. Liam appears and scoffs, "As if you're capable of that." Liam asks what he was talking about. Bill says sales figures. Bill asks if Liam took his advice and called Steffy last night. Liam says she stopped by - they had a conversation in the doorway and she left. Bill is appalled that they didn't sleep together. Liam reminds him he's still marrying Hope. Bill says Hope's issues won't melt away after the magical wedding. Hope arrives. Liam says he's getting the daily pep talk. Hope tells Bill she'll move back in with Liam as his wife. Bill exits. Hope embraces Liam and says it doesn't matter that Steffy never signed the annulment papers - they'll be married soon.

At Forrester, Stephanie is stunned to learn from Steffy that Liam didn't tell Hope about the annulment papers. She says Steffy seems confident. Steffy says Liam and Hope are supposed to be marrying soon - if that's what he wants, she'll have to live with it. Stephanie says she's strong. Steffy talks about the look on Liam's face when he tore up the papers - their marriage is not over. Stephanie laughs when Steffy tells her that she and Liam sang a Bob Hope song together - she owes Eric for introducing her to his movies! Brooke listens at the door as Steffy describes how they sang as Liam held the annulment papers. Steffy leaves, and Brooke rushes in, excitedly asking, "Is it true? Steffy signed the annulment papers?" Stephanie bursts her bubble, saying Steffy signed them in Aspen and Liam tore them up. Brooke wonders how Steffy manipulated the situation. Stephanie says he also kissed her. Stephanie tells Brooke that Liam and Steffy staying together could be a blessing - Hope's very messed up. Brooke hisses, "How dare you!"

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

The issues between Hope and Steffy begin to impact Ridge and Brooke's relationship.

Taylor notices Ridge and Brooke's woes.

Brooke faces off with Liam.

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