At home, Hope prods Steffy to tell her what happened with Liam in Aspen. She wonders if Liam said something to give her false hope. On the terrace, Ridge and Brooke wonder what the girls are talking about. Ridge reiterates that he won't design Hope's wedding dress. Inside, Hope tells Steffy she'd hate for her to misconstrue something Liam said. Steffy says it's not something he said, it's something he did. Hope doesn't believe anything happened, and tells Steffy to thank Liam for the memories and move on. Steffy grins. Ridge and Brooke enter, and Steffy says her goodbyes. Ridge tells Hope he is glad to see she and Steffy are making progress. Hope starts talking about the wedding in Italy and hugs Brooke, saying she can't wait to be Liam's wife. Once alone, Hope flashes to Liam saying he loves her. Brooke reappears and suggests Hope check in with Liam in case Steffy went there. Hope won't let Steffy get to her, but notes how confident she's seemed lately. Hope says once the divorce is final, she'll be forced to see what Liam really wants.

At the Malibu house, Bill tells Liam it's the right time to dump Hope - she's already moved out. They step outside and Bill keeps it up while Katie watches. Bill warns Liam not to let guilt drive him. He urges him to get his wife home - tonight. Katie tells them dinner's ready. Liam looks at Bill and says, "Let's eat!" At the table, Katie toasts to all of them, and the upcoming wedding. After, Liam says goodbye to them all, assuring Katie that he and Hope will be fine. Bill hangs back and hisses at Liam, "Call your wife! You don't have to be alone tonight!" Liam paces around alone, and then picks up the phone - Steffy's picture is on it. Suddenly, she comes to the door. He says it's good to see her. She blurts that she had dinner with Hope, and she realized he hadn't told her about the annulment papers. Steffy says it can be their little secret. He invites her in. She declines, saying she won't step foot in there until it means she's coming home. She says it was hard listening to Hope talk about their wedding in Italy - especially knowing she doesn't have a clue he tore up the annulment papers. Steffy tells him it was the most romantic moment of her life. She tells him he rocked her world - and he can't deny he felt the same. She kisses him and whispers, "Cha, cha, cha," before leaving. Liam sags against the doorjamb.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam and Hope experience tension thanks to Bill.

Brooke gets the wrong idea when she overhears a conversation between Steffy and Stephanie and calls Steffy out.

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