Steffy is at Ridge's place. She brings up Hope's wedding. Ridge wonders if it will happen. Brooke appears with dinner and says Steffy is welcome to stay. Hope enters the room and apologizes to Steffy for hurting her on the mountain. Hope tells her she's moving back in with Brooke and Ridge - it was her decision. Later, Hope and Steffy talk alone. Hope says she can't live with Liam while he's still married to Steffy, and that's not Steffy's problem. Hope invites her to the wedding. Steffy's surprised it's still on. Ridge calls them for dinner. At the table, Brooke mentions the wedding in Italy. Ridge tries to change the subject. Steffy is unfazed by the wedding talk, and smiles that sometimes it's best not to do too much planning. After dinner, Hope tells Brooke it was insensitive to bring up the wedding. Once alone, Brooke presses Ridge to design a wedding dress for Hope. He refuses - what would that say to Steffy? He says he thinks Liam will stay with Steffy anyway. In the next room, Hope tells Steffy she senses there is something she wants to say to her - she's acting like their won't be a wedding. She presses Steffy to be honest - neither of them wants a husband with divided feelings. Steffy says something did happen between her and her husband. She asks Hope, "Are you ready for this?"

At the Malibu house, Liam forgot Bill and Katie were coming for dinner. Bill is proud he found sustainable wine. Liam tells them Hope moved out. Bill begins probing to find out why. Caroline appears. Bill asks, "Who invited you?" Katie chastises him, as Liam says he did. Caroline and Katie go to rustle up some grub in the kitchen. Bill and Liam bicker when it comes out that Liam didn't tell Hope about what happened with Steffy in Aspen. When Bill hears that Hope moved out on her own, he asks, "Are you telling me that whackjob dumped you again?" Liam says no, and Caroline smooths things over. Katie joins them and Bill razzes Liam about being able to forgive Hope's transgressions and not Steffy's. Caroline and Bill argue about whether Hope's beliefs are crazy or not. Katie tells Caroline how great it is that she's staying in Los Angeles and they tour the house. Bill tells Liam if he really wanted to marry Hope he would have filed those annulment papers. Liam protests that his best moments are with Hope. Bill asks if he really wants to commit himself to her not knowing if she can hold it together.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope and Steffy discuss Liam.

Steffy gives Liam an ultimatum.

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