At Forrester, Steffy discusses the accident in Aspen with Ridge, Taylor, and Thomas, who notices her carefree mood and asks if it's about Liam. Thomas walks Taylor out, and Ridge asks Steffy what happened with Liam. Steffy says her collision with Hope might be the best thing that ever happened for her and Liam. Steffy describes how Liam rescued her on the mountain. She says she sent him to be with Hope, and then decided to signed the annulment papers. Ridge is surprised and proud. Steffy goes on to say that when she gave them to Liam, he tore them up and they kissed. Ridge muses, "Sweet." Steffy says she can feel that they belong together. Ridge warns her not to underestimate Liam's love for Hope. They hug.

In the studio, Amber gives a model a pep talk, and then calls Caroline to invite her to a private viewing of her and Rick's line. She hangs up and put the model through her paces on the runway - she keeps stumbling. Rick enters and tells Margo the model she can't walk. Margo challenges Rick to try walking in heels himself, saying, "Double dog dare you." Rick is strutting his stuff in stilettos when Caroline arrives. Amber giggles about Rick being spontaneous. Caroline tells Rick she loves his footwear. He tries to chat her up, but she makes an excuse and leaves. Amber grins.

At home, Liam tells Hope he's in love with her and is committed to her. She sighs and they embrace. Liam says the accident on the mountain really freaked him out. Hope knows it was wrong to take the meds. Liam admits he's concerned that the pills have a hold on her, and asks if she needs help giving them up. Hope insists she's not addicted, she just needs to stop living her life in a unauthentic way - she has to move out because they are committing adultery. Hope vows to never take another pill or to keep anything from him ever again. She says she will plan their wedding in southern Italy. Liam says he'll miss her when she moves out, but she won't change her mind. They kiss, and she goes.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy and Hope have an uncomfortable encounter.

Bill thinks Liam should come clean to Hope about Aspen.

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