At Forrester, Hope tells Brooke that Liam got home very late and she hasn't talked to him yet. She still thinks it's best that she moves out, and wishes she knew what happened in Aspen after she left. Hope worries that she's starting to form a pattern of breaking promises to people. She thinks she should move out, but worries about leaving the way clear for Steffy. Brooke advises against it. Hope declares she is moving out and won't go back until the wedding. Brooke says they'd better get planning. Brooke thinks they should have it far from Los Angeles. She suggests the south of Italy. Hope gushes. Brooke says the day Liam's divorce is final, they'll make it official.

At home, Liam thinks about kissing Steffy in Aspen and smiles. Bill arrives and starts asking questions - he knows Liam flew home with Steffy. Liam tells him Hope wiped out Steffy on the mountain. He admits that Hope took a 'feel good' pill because of the press before the incident with Steffy. They discuss Hope leaving Aspen. Liam admits he was with Steffy when he went back to the house. Liam tells Bill that Steffy gave him the signed annulment papers. Bill sighs. Liam blurts that he tore them up - he doesn't want to pretend the marriage never happened. Bill says maybe Steffy got tired of waiting. Liam says he kissed her. Bill muses that he's the smartest guy he knows, but he can't keep up. Liam sighs. Bill says Steffy is the woman for him and it looks like he's finally realizing it. Hope appears. Bill exits. Hope tells Liam she needs to apologize to Steffy, and promises she's done with the pills. Hope says she didn't stay true to herself throughout this, and needs to fix it by moving out. She tells Liam not to let Bill and Steffy get to him - she's not crazy, and they will be married. She asks if he still wants to marry her.

Steffy and Stephanie talk at Forrester. Steffy tells her grandmother what happened on the mountain with Hope, and that it was Liam who found her. She goes on to say that she had an epiphany in Aspen and signed the annulment papers. Stephanie is taken aback. Steffy talks about how Liam stayed by her side and cared for her - she realized she didn't need to worry about the annulment because he'll never stop loving her. Stephanie is still upset that she signed the papers. Steffy tells Stephanie that when she gave Liam the papers he ripped them up and they kissed. She muses that he's still with Hope though. Stephanie says she needs a drink - when will Liam make up his mind?

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline observes Rick's softer side.

Steffy gives her family some news.

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