In Aspen, Liam gapes at Steffy after she tells him he's free. Steffy cites all the negative things that have happened as a result of the love triangle. She thinks it should end there - where it all began. Liam looks forlorn as she says their marriage is over, but their memories will live. Steffy jokes about having to hire a stunt double if it were to go on. The mood lightens and they wind up laughing and singing together.The last line Liam sings is, "I'm so glad I met you, cheerio and toodle-oo." Steffy says, "Thank you, so much," and tears up. Liam, still shell-shocked, goes to put the papers away, but stops and tears them up. He then pulls Steffy into his arms and kisses her.

At Forrester, Brooke tells Hope she spoke to Dr. Barton. Hope tells her going to Aspen was too much - she did something stupid and everyone's paying for it. They head to Dr. Barton's office and Hope asks Brooke to stay. Hope talks about the paparazzi, and says she regrets taking the pill - she hasn't been thinking straight for a long time. She's just been running from her fans and from herself. Brooke coddles her, but Hope insists she's responsible for her own decisions. She describes how she was high when she crashed into Steffy - she's not herself! Hope beats herself up for a while, and says Liam is concerned about how out of control her life's become. Hope agrees, and notes she's at a crossroads. Dr. Barton commends her for doing so much thinking. She talks to Hope about the hypocrisy of being with a married man that her fans picked up on. Hope thinks she should move out until she and Liam are married. Stacy says she and Liam should assess that together. Brooke asks why she left Liam in Aspen.

In his office, Bill gets a call from Ramona telling him Steffy wondered if he was behind the press hounding Hope. She tells him about the accident and that Liam took Steffy back to the compound. He hangs up and mutters that Hope was probably as high as a kite on the slopes. Alison advises Bill not to call and check on Steffy - it will raise suspicions. She gets in his face again over his plot against Hope. He straightens her out. She tightly says Liam's very lucky to have such an overprotective and concerned father. She still doesn't understand him scheming against Hope. Bill doesn't much care if she understands, he just wants Liam to realize how good Steffy is for him. He says Steffy's a fighter and Hope's a basket case.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy and Hope have a confrontation over Steffy's attitude.

Liam gets an ultimatum from Steffy.

Steffy and Stephanie discuss her outlook.

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