At Bill's retreat, Liam tells Hope they need to have a conversation - and not the high school version. He talks about trust and says if she can't handle some press how will she deal with being Mrs. William Spencer III. He wonders how she'll handle the stress of being a mom and other life events. Hope insists she won't use drugs to solve her problems again. Liam says that's great, but what happened to her poise and confidence? Hope laments listening to those at home, including her mother, who told her Liam and Steffy were only married on paper and it didn't matter. She admits she's scared Liam won't keep loving her if she's not exactly the same person he fell in love with. She wants to go apologize to Steffy, but Liam thinks it's not a good idea - he'll go himself. They hug.

At the hospital in Aspen, Steffy tells Ramona it's the end of her marriage as she holds the signed annulment papers. Steffy explains that the competition has to end, so she's giving Liam his freedom. Liam enters and Ramona goes. Steffy tells him they have to amputate her leg, and they laugh. The doctor comes in to say Steffy just has a sprain, but will have to have a cast and be careful. He tells her he'll follow up with her in L.A. Steffy is discharged, and Liam insists on taking her to the house. He carries her out.

Taylor tells Ridge, at Forrester, that Steffy was injured in Aspen. Brooke assures him she'll be fine. Ridge gets a text from Steffy that her injury is just a sprain. Brooke gets a call from Hope and relays the news. Hope says she's heading back without Liam and will explain when she gets there. Brooke wonders aloud why Hope is coming back alone. Taylor muses that Aspen is a magical place for Liam and Steffy - maybe they've grown closer again and that's why Hope is by herself.

On the jet, Hope tells the pilot it will just be her returning to L.A. During the flight, she thinks about Liam.

Steffy and Liam arrive at Bill's retreat and find a note from Hope saying she's gone back to L.A. Steffy sits alone reliving memories from their time in Aspen before. Liam brings her a hot toddy and also thinks back. They joke about her red jacket not protecting her on the slopes. Steffy is sorry Hope left him and says she's going to stop the madness - she gives him the signed annulment papers, saying, "You're free." Liam is stunned.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope seeks help from Dr. Barton.

Liam is overwhelmed by Steffy's decision.

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