Liam and Steffy are at the hospital in Aspen. She greets the doctor with familiarity. He says she will need an MRI. Steffy tells Liam he doesn't need to stay, and promises to check in with him later. He kisses her cheek and goes. Ramona arrives, and Steffy talks about how great Liam was on the mountain. Ramona is stunned that she sent him back to Hope.

Hope returns to Bill's house looking for Liam. She takes a call from Brooke, who is concerned about the crash. Hope says Steffy was fine when she left her, and blithely says she'll check in later. Liam arrives, and confronts Hope about leaving Steffy on the mountain. Hope says she was fine - it wasn't a big deal. Liam says Steffy is in the hospital. Hope wants to go check on her, but Liam says there is something missing from this picture. He thinks she knows what he wants to ask. Hope admits she got overwhelmed and took a pill. Liam is furious and asks why she didn't call the property manager or police when the press came - she's not a coward, so what is going on? Hope protests that she wasn't lying - she never intended to take another pill. She gives him the rest of the medication and promises to tun this around. Liam says she said that before. Hope pleads for another chance.

Stephanie and Taylor enter Brooke's office. Brooke tells Taylor that Steffy was in a collision on the mountain but is fine. Taylor gets a call from Steffy, who tells her she's in the hospital for her knee. She explains that Liam found her and stayed with her. Taylor relays the news to Brooke and Stephanie. Brooke marvels that the two of them crashed. Stephanie is distressed about the whole situation with Steffy and Hope chasing after Liam. Taylor points out that Steffy is Liam's wife.

After speaking with Taylor, Steffy turns back to Ramona and asks if she and Bill were behind Hope being hounded by the press - she wants it to stop. Ramona maintains that Hope's problems with the press are of her own making. Steffy understands why she wouldn't admit the truth - Bill's too powerful. Steffy goes in her bag and spots the annulment papers. She tells Ramona that love hasn't worked out to be a great gift for her, Liam, or Hope - someone has to say 'enough'. She will never give up on Liam, but they'll have to find their way back differently. It's time for her to let him go. She signs the papers.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy sacrifices for Liam's sake.

Hope makes a drastic decision about her relationship.

Taylor and Ridge stand together against Brooke with regard to their daughters.

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